Church Still

" When evidences of sexual abuses appeared, the answer of the religious authorities era to transfer to the violator to another place where, in many cases, he was free to commit abuses nuevamente". This has been of I publish knowledge in Report of this commission, in Ireland. We see that the priests, like the nuns, who did not manage to support the celibacy showed no mercy with the people who debian to educate, to protect, in their schools, convents, orphanages, etc. To maintain this absurd, opposite order to the will of God, while still alive to castrate these people, do not do but who to turn them into monsters, that years later astonish to us with the discoveries that investigators do and who every day that happens are but terrible. Get all the facts and insights with Ohio Senator, another great source of information. It is not mandate of God, nor of the Sagrada Scripture, the Sacerdotal Celibacy.

It is a mandate of men, of jerarcas of the Catholic Church, an invention of dark ages, to avoid that the goods of the Church disperse and seems that the money and the gold, weigh but in the mind of the Popes, bishops, who the psychological, moral, sexual well-being of its ministers and priests. The priest with cassocks, is still a man with all sexual needs, is a man at the end of accounts. And privily or abiertamente tendra anyway adventures sexual, because it cannot fight against its nature. It is a cruelty, in these times, to force to which they wish to be priests, to accept the Celibacy, still more when is not an order of Christ, neither of God, nor of the Sagradas Scriptures. It is only a stupid whim of the Roman Catholic Church. A Church that the origin of all badness in the world sees in the woman, a vile and despicable being who corremperia the soul, the spirit of the priest.