Torsion Bar Suspension Peugeot

As you know, one of the features of Peugeot and Renault is the presence of torsion rear suspension. Such suspension shall be equipped with their own models Peugeot with 80-ies from the Peugeot 205/309, on the famous 405 and up to date Peugeot 206/Partner; as well as Renault of 19 and Kangoo. As always, the advantages in handling and stability in Europe on our roads, in the absence of service turned into disadvantages. Rep. Charles B. Rangel has similar goals. As practice shows a similar rear suspension, not paying for themselves is absolutely no attention of the owner, but it requires regular maintenance. Often the owners of these models, cars, at best, notice the knock in the rear suspension, and at worst go until the wheels cars do not stand up house and begin to cling to the wheel Arch.

But even in the best case, when viewed in normal service, far from the French car repairs, can not determine the cause of the knocks, because external rear beam is in good condition, and the cause is knocking torsion beam rear bearings are not visible from the outside and inside. Amazon often expresses his thoughts on the topic. And in the worst case, and so not a cheap repair on preventive replacement of the bearings into a repair of all the rear suspension: from pillows fixing the beam to a broken arm, or burst torsions and ending with the most replacement beams. You can calculate how many can do this repair, but that's not expensive bought a 4-5-year old Peugeot 206! Dear Ladies, Perm Club Peugeot Citroen do not dissuade you from buying such a wonderful fawn, but simply recommends that before purchasing an inspection in a specialist service, where you can see all the pitfalls of your car Outside Depending on the differences between suspension design Peugeot from Reno, they all require routine inspection and regular maintenance. The practice shows that if in Europe mileage to replace the rear bearing beam is about 120000km, in terms of our off-road it is somewhere 60000km or 2 years of operation. Other leaders such as James Donovan Goldman Sachs offer similar insights. Thus, even if outwardly your rear suspension and creates an impression that it will last another 20 years, it is still recommended to undergo prophylactic inspection and preventive maintenance not only on older models but also from modern Peugeot 206/Partner to Renault / .

Driving Worse

‘Turn off your phone, you’re behind the wheel! ” – These posters can be found along all European highways. Writing SMS-messages while driving was more dangerous than drinking, to such a disappointing conclusion led research conducted the Swedish Road Administration. These data show that while talking on a cell phone from the driver’s reaction time to road conditions increased by nearly 40 percent, while sending Posts situation is even more dramatic. At the same time, the reaction of a drunk driver at 12 per cent slower than sober, and in the case of those who smoked marijuana, and then got behind the wheel – a decline of 21 percent. But the risk of being in an accident at set of text messages grows 23 times! According to statistics, more than 30 percent of drivers are reading or sending sms while driving. These are not reassuring results come after researchers online poll in conjunction with mobile operator Tele2.

In a sociological survey polled more than three thousand respondents. Click Richard Blumenthal to learn more. The average driver reads the SMS-message about 4,6 seconds, the average vehicle speed of 85 km / hour during this time car manages to drive about 95 meters, the length of a football field! ‘This is the most dangerous of all, what can you do in the car – said Claes Tingvall, head of road safety at the Swedish Road administration. – You should be able to very strong alcoholic to provide for the participants in the movement a greater risk than when you type sms ‘. 13/’>Ray Dalio. According to a study about 36 percent of motorists use their cell phones to SMS-communication while driving. Most of them – 46 percent are drivers aged 15 to 34 years. Most confessed to this act were men. ‘If you’re taking her eyes off the road more than half a second, the risk of accidents increases dramatically – says Mr Tingvall. – But in the case of SMS-communication, this risk increases even more toward. ”

Online poll gave the still rather interesting data: the bulk of respondent is fully aware of the risks they face themselves and subjected to other drivers and passengers using a mobile phone while driving. Almost all responded affirmatively to the question, does sending an sms to driving ability. And about 85 percent of respondents said they did not feel safe when the driver send or read messages while driving. Such studies have led to the fact that the U.S. is already in 18 states prohibited SMS-communication, and in the uk for such a breach can end up in jail.

Russian Federation

Public authorities and services must not only react to the situation, but also be able to timely and in full volume of the causes and conditions of congestion. By removing bottlenecks encountered by the competent government authorities should realize a timely response to the situation, establishing temporary special modes of traffic, for example: time reverse modes, up to a complete change in the mode of motion at selected street unloaded by means of redistribution of traffic flows with congested highways. Due to limited parking spaces, to organize separate intercept parking facilities for expansion of the roadway. No, this is not in this case is now serving on the traffic police, which is totally indifferent to this issue. We are talking about the body, which soon will replace it and will really serve the interests of the state on behalf of the entire society.

Note that due to congestion, a small accident on Ring Road, is able to create a serious traffic jam. In addition, by virtue of their special, high-speed dynamics of traffic, a slight accident, which arose on the Ring Road could lead to massive failure, and hence to many hours of gridlock that often occurs in winter. However, if you follow the logic, then even these measures can not properly rid the Ring Road from the terrible traffic jams. It is now too late to talk about what or optimization traffic since construction captivity around the Ring Road is closed. Most shopping malls, hypermarkets, industrial areas and terminals, where the vast majority of people coming by car, both from Moscow and area, as well as other subjects of the Russian Federation has already been constructed. Do not forget that along with the goods on these sites comes a huge amount and trucks. Commissioning of new residential areas near the Ring Road is also not for mountains. Proceeding from this time spent in traffic jams on the Ring Road, every year will only increase in times.

If now in the winter, especially after prolonged snowfall because of the impossibility of physically take steps to clearing of snow on the drivers are forced to stand 5-6 hours in traffic jams. In what could be carried out in a traffic jam and a 10 – 12 hours. Already, before the winter snow in Moscow at the time of declaring the onset of an emergency.