How To Quit Smoking

As Mark Twain remarked another, “to quit smoking is easy, I’ve quit 100 times”. Are there still ways to get rid of this bad habit completely? The main thing that you need to do – is the presence of serious motivation. If you going to give up cigarettes because smoking unfashionable today, following the lead of a neighbor (and worse than I am? “), or because the Ministry of Health has once again warned the procedure is unlikely to be successful, but in vain . Remember how easily people who have had a heart attack, stop drinking, smoking and go on a diet. God forbid, of course, but this is an example that when it comes about as essential motifs, a man easily finds the strength change their habits. So if you’re going to have a healthy baby or put the sports record, then your chances of success are very high. But there is no universal recipes – you need to find something that is important to you personally. I threw smoking before the first in my life journey into the mountains, because I realized that with the stained light just does not I will go to the goal. So, if you have decided on the motivation, then once you buy a pack of cigarettes and say to yourself that it will the latter. Since then start to smoke only when it really wants. After all, most often we do not smoke because of the fact that there is a physical need, but out of habit – such as after a meal or to take a break work.