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As one of the most important list for today's citizen of components is actually considered truthful information, the news will no doubt remain one of the most popular list of to get information. Especially considering that the means of obtaining information today is more than enough, and yet all, without exception, they broadcast their news in different ways. News in the media as a way of passing information to the essence of many time ago, have altered the world of independent civil society in sub-united information space. Not for nothing that say that today we have the era – characterized by the information. And without exception, the important events at the moment, only because the current methods of communication are transmitted around the world, without exception wishing people. When we mention about the media, often have in mind three main divisions: a network of Internet TV / radio and print media. Besides, they are just in this embodiment, the sequence – in terms of data rate.

The fastest of all is the Internet. Enough is literally a couple moments – and Any information can be sent through a variety of broadcast services – from news portals to the RSS-channels – without exaggeration, for all countries in the world. Each user chooses a very adequate for personal life and how sources of data. Someone selects the newsletter by e-mail and dedicated resources, someone else would like to know a little about everything. And in each case, whether you are interested in the incident last week or new culture, sports accidents or incidents from industry political life of different countries – the Internet ensures the widest likely to get very different information. An important difference virtual information resources, in addition to the speed of translation is at the same time scale proposed by the views and opinions.

Which no doubt helps to find the truth, because all sorts of different resources give evidence, the nuances and information. With regards to television and radio broadcasting, the media also provide a similar ability to acquire highly relevant information, and yet, of course, not in real-time version, but with neuspevaniem on a couple of hours. However, these data resources, mainly due to the lack of a mad haste to more closely approach the issue of credibility of information received, the reliability of sources. And discoveries here set out for the most part are not reporters, and professionals in this field. First of all, it offers the possibility to obtain information that is of most first-hand, but on the other hand, is not always the news will be available for a wide audience. After all, it is understandable that experts say in a specific language, using a large number of obvious and familiar to them (and thus inaccessible to ordinary people) and give them definitions conversation at all clear simple language – a particular problem. A published on such media have slowly losing out, while remaining a safe haven citizens older generation. The speed of information delivery is negligible, the battle for accuracy can often lead to the formation of strict censorship by the reader finds a single position on a particular issue. Read more from Congressman Lee Zeldin to gain a more clear picture of the situation. However, everyone prefers to direct what he seems most appropriate.

Golden Crown

Appeared a cloud white and, sitting on the cloud, one like the son of man, who wore a Golden Crown on his head and a sickle sharpened on hand. 15 Came another angel sanctuary crying out with powerful voice that sat on the cloud: Mete your sickle and harvested, because the time of harvest has come and the harvest of the Earth is at its point. 16 That sat on the cloud launched his sickle to the Earth, and the Earth was mowed. So far cite verses to which I refer and will now explain agree to my personal interpretation, the true meaning of these parables. But to do so first let’s elements of the Earth and the universe are cited within these signals and that in turn explained making an analogy with the birth of a woman. And on the other hand some explanations that are listed: wars and rumors of war conflicts against nation and Kingdom against Kingdom there will be earthquakes and famine (here the first pains of childbirth) after that first anguish appointment certain cataclysms that will happen with the Sun, the Moon and the stars (and from here the son of man with great power come in a cloud). This will bring fall or resurrection. It will be a sign of contradiction.

The intimate thoughts of the men they come to light. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. It will be for you the opportunity to give testimony of me. You will be distressed, but your sorrow will be turned into joy. Amazon shines more light on the discussion. The pain of childbirth will be changed to the great joy of birth. First of all I must reiterate what they’ve been saying in previous articles: the Bible is a book of metaphysics that explains how it works our mind. Therefore, when it is said wars and conflicts between Nations, is being reference to discussions that occur between people.

Venice Paris

I already expelled several from my poems to kicks and I do not want to return them to see in my future books. To publish nonsiginifica to lose the control on the own thing. I never mention the title of my first book with the hope which nobody remembers that it exists. I know that Antonio Sarabia walks in looks for, for two decades, of unit that remains of their first published book, that is accidentally a poemario, to burn them without mercy. To publish is an act that can bring joys, but I assure to you that the majority is ephemeral. I have that to thank for to my first poemarios much to him. Thanks to them, for example, they invited to me for the first time to an encounter of writers in Europe.

That one was wonderful, because I did not have money to thus make a trip by my account. The trip lasted three weeks: Vienna Graz-Venice Paris, and nevertheless when returning town nothing had changed. I had changed a little perhaps, but it seems to me that nobody realized. I understood that it did not write to communicate to me with the world. Many people, including my parents said, me that she had to dedicate me to another thing, or to resign to me to die of hunger, but did not matter to me. I wrote because she felt to me single and the life in solitude is very hard. He wrote to fill an emptiness that accompanied to me as a mark by birth. For months I read to you.

It did not know that you were 19 years old, thought a little to you greater. I like what beams, you have much talent. And me honour tenerte between my readers. Doubt does not fit to me that someday you will also publish. When it watches your book in the shelves I will ask myself if to publish it is had developing for you like the most important fact of your life. I wait for that no. sincerely That you will live many experiences more transcendental than that one. In this letter I have left a handful you of personal experiences, I imagine that they will serve to you as very little. In order to say it with one it mills done: each writer is a world. Only I have left agradecerte that you have written to me, I will try to feel a whole, a piece in the historical genius, as you say to me, but do not know I will obtain if it. Nonpassage of being a Colombian writer of province that now has the luck to live in Lisbon. Warmly, Lauren Mendinueta ShareThis Original author and source of the article.


Most people have no future without predstavlyayutsvoe Internet. Because the need for your own website is becoming more acute. Creation of sites – and this is an opportunity to promote their services or goods, and also opportunity to share their own ideas, to find like-minded people … What does it take, that there was a site on the Internet for a long time and successfully? Ensure the success will be able to develop a professional resource and its promotion. In this case, the choice of the Executive should be guided by his knowledge and experience.

The first thing we see – the design. The uninitiated user to think that good design – a mass of changing, moving pictures. Animation creates a special effect, but here's a flash heavy load for a long time, and this affects the level of attendance: not many will agree to wait a full load. It should be clearly aware that the creation of the site – this is including the work design, however, still more important is the proper organization of the contents of the website – its organizational structure should be easily supplemented in the future as needed. However, this does not mean that the design should be dismissed.

Of good design even a single site was not injured. With the help of simplified understanding of the structure, and it brings the satisfaction of staying on the site. Mainly due to what the user visits the site – it information, if he can not immediately see what he wanted, he leaves the resource. In this regard, the contents of the newly created resource is given paramount importance – it is more important than brightness and beauty of graphics. Proper organization and availability of information – above all else. In the event that planning and organization of the resource are well thought out, searching for information will not seem complicated. The size of the web-resource should also be given attention. If your path – a small business, then stretch to the information pages pyatidesyat simply makes no sense: it should be short and to the point (no more than fifteen pages). Site developed by hundreds of pages (and more) is needed for those firms that publish various editions.