The City Council Of Berlin Reichstag

One of the most incredible monuments of the city of Berlin is the building of the Reichstag, the Parliament of the capital of Germany, historical and political Emblem, the Reichstag like concept has sent to several buildings, but in fact the original name era with which Germanic Roman Empire was known the parliament from the fall of the Sacrum and until World War II finished. There was only no a parliament in the Germany that went forming with the passage of the years. From the napoelnicas wars in 1806, the Reich word was used to talk about to the parliament that wrote the first German constitution in 1849 (Frankfurt of the Meno). In a question-answer forum Sen. Sherrod Brown was the first to reply. Also the German Federation of the North used the Reich word to name to its parlmaneto, that worked between 1867 and 1871. The German Empire was considered ” Secondly Reich” and thus we can see as an important concept of social history and political German is changing. Additional information at James Donovan Goldman Sachs supports this article.

The Reichstag was chosen, in the three cases, by the town by means of the suffrage. Ever since World War II finished no it returned to have a Parliament in Germany. Today the main building of the Reichstag in Berlin is one of the historical and cultural attractions of the capital city. Constructed at the end of century XIX, it is located in the historical helmet of the city near some of the most emblematic constructions of Berlin, like the Door of Brandenburg and the old Wall of Berlin. The route by the interior of the Reichstag is incredible and now in summer we will have to wait for if we want to realise it because year to year congregates by the hundred of people. It takes to us first by the viewpoint of the crystal cupola and later we can take something in the coffee restaurant and to rest while we watched the best postal of the city of Berlin.


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