The Round Table

Creativity in the table Round table organized by the editorship of the "Novaya Gazeta Kuban" in the "round table" was attended by writers Victor Bogdanov – a member of the Writers' Union of Russia, poet, novelist, essayist, author of? collections, Valery Kuznetsov, a member of the Union of Russian writers, satirist, author of five collections of short stories and novellas, a member of the First All-Russian Seminar-meeting of young writers, Basil sluggish, a member of the Union of Russian writers, the author of five collections of short stories and novellas, a member of the Second All-Russian Seminar-meeting of young writers. Winners of marginal literary competitions and Paul Eugene – poet, novelist, author of five collections, and Tatiana Shkodin – Poet, author of two poetry collections. Each of these authors was able to contribute to the development of the Kuban literature. It was at this meeting about modern Russian literature and the Kuban, on the problems the writer community. Valery Kuznetsov: Since the beginning of modern Russian history writer was the most that neither is extreme.

It can be said on the sidelines of life. And this is a writer! Since then, the literary work in our country, slated for course. With no brakes and no restrictions (do not consider notorious for censorship since developed socialism), it raced to God knows where, without the creative compass, and the exact route. The powers that be felt at all levels Professional Writers' Union of unnecessary and therefore unused. As a result, both the society and its "engineers of human souls" came to be a mess, both in the Union, and in government, supporting responsibility for national culture, and in particular for the domestic literature, designed to be not only a chronicler of the country, human lives, but time itself.

Japanese Poets

Specific poems by Japanese poets called haiku. Of course, the poems call them is not easy, but they have their fans. Their specificity is that these verses do not rhyme, as such, but, nevertheless, be read they are easy, lyrical and romantic haiku. I think that will leave nobody indifferent lines like Letting his gaze to the sun suddenly understand It is so lonely It's haiku. Haiku should consist of three lines. Haiku only able to convey not the event itself, and the feeling, emotion, feeling, momentary excitement of the event.

Poetry, unlike prose, can be briefly and accurately describe what is actually meant to say a poet. Through vivid images that are used in the poets his works, the reader gets an opportunity to reflect on what the author wanted to convey. The beauty of haiku is still in the fact that they can write virtually every person with even little creativity. Only remember some fairly simple rules and you can become a poet. First, a haiku usually consist of three lines.

Secondly – of 17 syllables. The second rule is written exclusively for the Japanese poets, with their unusual for a European language, so it can be easily broken. And one more rule – a haiku to be read easily, because they do not describe something specific, and ephemeral, airy, light feeling. There are poems dedicated to an event or a personality. These poems are called odes. There are poems that perfectly fit the music. These poems become songs, and if a poet and composer talent, songs become hits. There are lyric poems are political poems. It is very popular today, as it always give poetry a birthday or anniversary. Poems are written, usually in love, and how Typically, for loved ones. These poems are called love lyrics. Probably each of us once wrote poetry, but few have achieved in the tops of talent, professionalism, and only a few have become popular. Most come to terms with his talent, which can not cope with his own uselessness. Today poetry is used to a greater degree in order to admit a favorite in love, but in order to attract customers to your product or service. Advertising slogans can hardly be called poetry, in the sublime sense of the word. However, it quickly memorized verses advertising potential buyers, there are the subconscious, and as a consequence – His desire to purchase a particular product, after which the words were formed in rhyme. People who are mediocre, but firmly believes in his talent and even genius somewhere, called graphomaniac. They confuse God's gift to the eggs. Such people are simply pathetic. Poetry – lady capricious and will not be tolerated in the ranks of its adherents mediocrities. Poems and prose by contemporary authors on the literary site "hut-Reading Room