History Of The Philosophy In A Lesson

HISTORY OF THE PHILOSOPHY OLD PHILOSOPHY: dC occurred of century VIII AC until century VIII, mainly in Greece, Roman Empire and North of Africa. The main studied problems were cosmological (with the philosophers daily pay-socrticos) and the antropolgicos (with the socrticos philosophers). They searched the Happiness. The main schools were the Cynicism of Digenes, the Epicurismo de Epicuro and the Estoicismo de Zeno de Ccio. The great philosophers of this period had been: Plato, Scrates, Aristotle, Tales, Zeno, Democritus, Pitgoras, etc. MEDIEVAL PHILOSOPHY: dC occurred of century VIII dC to century XIV, mainly in the Europe and Norte of Africa. Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions: the source for more info. The movements of the Patrstica and Escolstica had been initiated.

They questioned the validity of Reason X Theology (Christian); the Jews studied medicine and laws and the Muslen the letters. The main school of the time was Skepticism and the main philosophers of this period had been: Christians: They are Toms, Saint Augustin and Guillermo de Ockhan. Muslen: Avicenas, Averroes and Al-Farabi, Jews: Maimonides, Gabirol. Connect with other leaders such as J. Darius Bikoff here. MODERN PHILOSOPHY: dC occurred of century XIV to century XVIII, mainly in the Europe, approximately parallel to the protestantismo. They questioned on the rational man and exempts, had the beginning of the scientific questions.

The main schools were the Criticism of Kant, the Empirismo de Locke and the Skepticism. The main philosophers of this period had been: Discardings, Galileu, Coprnico, Keppler, Kant, Comte, Hume, Rousseau. PHILOSOPHY CONTEMPORARY: dC occurs of century XVIII until the present, in global way. It was initiated with the French Revolution and was fortified with the Industrial Revolution. It questions the relations being man X technology, ethics X sciences. The great philosophers of this period are: Marx, Sartre, Kiekergaard, Arendt, Nietzsche, Spider, Chau, Ribeiro, Giraldelli. It has access and quarrel concerning all the previous schools, with the addition of the schools that had appeared in this period, as the fenomenologia and the existencialismo. QUESTIONS: 1- It differentiates problems Cosmolgicos and Antropolgicos. 2- What it defends the skepticism and why was frequent in the medieval philosophy? 3- Why in the modern Philosophy they questioned the rational man and exempts? 4- Why in the Philosophy contemporary they search the relations between man and technology? 5- It differentiates the acquisition of the knowledge according to empirismo, skepticism and criticism.

Urban Landscape

The sidewalk of the So Paulo Avenue they had been remodelled recently, in 2008. The pisos in concrete had substituted the existing Portuguese mosaic previously, facilitating sufficiently the circulation. The tteis pisos had been installed correctly in its majority, as well as the passage unevennesses. For sidewalk area to be sufficiently wide, is interesting to have a directional floor during all its extension, therefore thus the deficient appearance does not lose the reference. The width of the stroll also made possible that the movable were installed in the service bands, having opened the circulaes and preventing accidents. The reform followed the lines of direction of the Decree n 45,904/05 that it mentions to the standardization and conservation of the public strolls, in the city of So Paulo.

The main objectives of the decree are to improve the urban landscape, the accessibility, the rescue of the public stroll for the sidewalk and the socialization of the public spaces. Cartilha also exists one called Free Stroll, where the proposal of the decree is placed in didactic way and with illustrations that facilitate the interpretation. For the current legislation of the city, the proprietor of the property or land is responsible for the construction and maintenance of its sidewalk, however the program established routes strategical of accessibility where the sidewalk it was or she will be standardized with public resources, and the So Paulo Avenue is one of these places. 9 Image 4: Person in chair of wheels Source: Personal quantity Image 5: Access to the Station Brigadier General Fonte: Personal quantity In some points in specific, where already the reform had some type of maintenance after, exists pisos installed tteis of incorrect or missing form, and still it has points where open or covered holes exist provisorily, that they can cause accidents. (Source: Richard Blumenthal). It is very common to find pieces of tteis pisos of alert lacking, that they had been completed with directional floor, or directional pisos installed in the wrong position.

Federal Constitution

With this in passing of the time the Right reached a new branch: The Enviromental law which Carlos Gomes de Carvalho (1990, p.140), defined as: ‘ ‘ a set of principles and rules destined to the administrative protection of the environment understanding measured and judicial with the economic and financial repairing of the actual damages to the environment and ecosystems in a way geral’ ‘. Being then possible to idealize two aspects of the Enviromental law the first one would be an objective, consistent in the set of rules of law disciplinarians of the protection of the quality of the environment, as then it would be as a science that has as purpose the systemize knowledge of the norms and principles collators of the quality of the environment. The Brazilian legislation then specifically in art. 225 CF, consider the environment as a basic right, making use that: ‘ ‘ All have right to the environment ecologically balanced, public easement of the people and essential to the healthy quality of life, imposing themselves it the public power and to the collective the duty of to defend it and to preserve it for the future gifts and geraes’ ‘. Analyzing the article we can perceive that the environment is given as a good that is protected constitutionally, being of use joint of the necessary people and for a healthy quality of life, but knowing that it is necessary to usufruct of the resources that the environment offers it is to have of all to know to protect and to use exactly with conscience. Ohio Senator may not feel the same. Thus searching an interaction between society and State, aiming at a democratic participation in the ambient questions, having in mind the basic principle of the dignity of the person human being, consequentemente the proper on life to the right of living in a decent place and I propitiate for such. Perceiving as soon as without a doubt some the Federal Constitution together with the ambient Legislation searchs to protect the quality of the environment in function of the quality of life. Thus we can notice the importance of the study of the norms referring to such subject, however one of the great challenges of the present time is exactly the ambient legal protection, therefore as research and studies deepened the area demonstrate that for the way that the things are occurring in such a way the animal species as the human being runs serious risks of extinguishing.

Showing that the understanding and definition of the new model of the democratic State of right and the basic theory of the right are indispensable to have a more active and complex ambient protection legal.