Atomic Weight Of An Element

Of course, energy can not be measured directly, but then the atomic weight of a chemical element is not directly measured, and it did not stop to make Mendeleev periodic system of elements. On the role of energy in nature reflected in the early twentieth century, Poincare, a unit of energy included in its system of units of M. Planck. A 60-s A. Veinik called energy core value and created a new research direction (energodinamiku), it will, unfortunately, got together with cybernetics and genetics in the campaign pseudoscientists. After 30 years, Kogan has created the first system of physical quantities energy as the main variable. And now 20 years since this system improved values. It is interesting that, together with A.

Veinik other system variables created di Bartini R., based on only two basic terms, characterizing the space and time. And this idea is popular enough so far, it has attracted more and handsome appearance. But something must also characterize the matter in this space, and characterize motion of matter, which occurs at a certain pace? But nothing like this in the system variables R.di Bartini not. This direction is a dead end. Replacement of the masses as the main value of energy has clarified many things, but not all. After all, the basis for the motion of matter is rotating. Substance in nature is composed of elementary particles, each of which is a whirlwind. But physicists still argue about what is the angle of rotation (the rotation feature): the main magnitude or derivative.

Great Potential

If the amount of energy is constant, the resulting energy should not depend on chance or randomness of the event will happen or not. 4. In large celestial bodies, especially in solids, which have been formed over billions of years, due to the accumulation of matter by the pull of gravity, internally generated, continuously, a large amount of thermal energy, due to the great pressures that reach inside formed by the accumulation of mass. We may assume that this heat energy is the result of the transformation of gravitational potential energy that had the masses that have been impacting the celestial body during the training process. Connecticut Senator has much to offer in this field. In light of the law of conservation of energy, the resulting thermal energy should be equal to the sum of gravitational potential energy than when they were attracted to each and every one of the parties that have formed the celestial body. But clearly these two energies are not equal. Explanation: The sum of the gravitational potential energy that had the masses that have been impacting the celestial body during the training process is a limited amount is limited by the measurable magnitudes of their masses and their accelerations and will always be quantities of potential energy finite. If the celestial body in question is not destroyed by any cosmic event and lasts over time, while there, you're constantly generating heat energy in it, or it would be a generation of heat energy indefinitely, not eternal words, rather say it is an inexhaustible source of energy.