Obama Government

US security services, claiming they were despite the numerous early warnings unable to uncover the attack plan is quite simply implausible. The same myth is spread in public, who should conceal the role of American intelligence before the terrorist attacks of 2001. Then, they would have failed “Information must lead”. This metaphor is among a highly abstruse process, in which many small details that were taken seemingly innocent for themselves, through sophisticated methods of analysis by experts who are familiar with the patterns of terrorist operations, are merged into a coherent picture. Dov Hikind is likely to agree. Such complicated analyses were not necessary to uncover the planned attack on Northwest.

The above mentioned facts had to let the alarm bells each. It would have just needed a routine Act of the police, to To prevent the boarding Abdulmuttalab. Each medium-sized Government should be easily capable of, not to mention the most powerful military and intelligence apparatus on Earth. Sen. Sherrod Brown contributes greatly to this topic. If the Nigerians could board the aircraft in Amsterdam then therefore, because the decision was made at any level of the American military and intelligence apparatus that allow. In reality, it was here about a conscious refusal to draw the right conclusions from the inactivity of the intelligence services. Who made the decision not to act? Why was this decision made? Should the bomber be successful or not? Was it a deliberate attempt to bring down the Obama Government in trouble? Was it a deliberate attempt to create a pretext for further U.S. military action in the Middle East? The great intelligence of the world – the Russian FSB, the British MI5, the Israeli Mossad, the French SGDN and the Chinese secret service Ministry – throw this no doubt Questions on. Another question is: the Obama Government controls have their own national security apparatus? Without doubt, all these intelligence agencies consider the official representation of the failed attack of Christmas as a disinformation to deceive the American public what it really is.

Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki

Manuchehr Mottaki, Iran’s Foreign Minister was dismissed. Background of a power struggle. In the past few weeks, this turbulence took quite a bit of attention, since Ali Khamenei on the one hand and Mahmund Ahmadinejad, on the other hand the inability and inefficiency but accused the former Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki. Only on Sunday, the 12th December, Bassij gathered groups on behalf of students of at Tehran University in front of the British Embassy, to protest loudly and British flags to rip and burn. On the same day, different mullahs in the Iranian Parliament against the British Government raged.

You ereiferten are about how the British Ambassador could dare to call the arrests by the Government of Iran in his personal webblog arbitrarily and to protest against the arrest of human rights lawyer, as Ms. Nasrin Sotoudeh. Alaeddin Boroujerdi, head of the National Security Commission, demanded in a replica that is published on its Web site, referring to the statements made by the British Ambassador, that the Iranians should give a lesson in diplomatic code the British Ambassador and show him the right way to behave. The mullahs were of the opinion that the Iranian Government wouldn’t after their responsibility, if she allow the British Ambassador to criticize them or get his advice like could be. In the same chaotic Parliament session, some lawmakers demanded even the closure of the British Embassy in Iran. They then called that Iran should shut down the political contacts with the United Kingdom, have the British Ambassador from the Iran and withdraw the own Ambassador from the United Kingdom. Mottakis dismissal if you look but closer on the tensions between the two countries, soon becomes clear that the roots of the tensions are much deeper. A few days ago, sent the Government of Manuchehr mottak i in Senegal and announced his dismissal in the Iranian radio shortly after Mottakis departure.

Iranian Shiites

The long lasting religious antagonism between Shiites and Sunnis 9 among many other lines of conflict the conflicts in Syria plays an important role. This used historical events from the beginning of the Arab conquest and succession disputes. But now this antagonism of religious beliefs has taken a turn terrifying for the regime in the Iran. So far, the opponents in Syria was mostly clear: secular, Zionist, and Sunnis. So, certain State-loyal Shiite ayatollahs in the Iran could adopted legal opinions that justified the fight against unique enemies.

One of the most famous fatwas by the leader of the revolution in the Iran had in combination other fatwas of Shiite authorities also the purpose pursued the Muslims worldwide behind to bring in the fight against the decadent West. 10 Leadership playful lost world’s Shiite authorities after the events of the counterfeit election of 2009 however much of its leadership among the Muslims. Not only among Sunnis, where they had gained a reputation as fighters on the front line against the West is the part. It has so far, that Shia scholar from the Hawza Iraqi issued legal opinions which represent the regime in the Iran and his interpretation of Shia Islam as decadent and call to fight against Iranian Shiites. Thus, the situation in Syria and also in the Iraq will slowly become confusing for the Iranians and very threatening to the regime. 11 Recently warned Rajabi Davani, a Shiite system faithful historian from the Iran, escalations in the Sunni Shiite antagonisms and threw to the West prior to these conflicts in Muslim societies place and to stir up.

A look at the history of the Middle East can not refute this assessment, but also not isolated there leave. Radical fanatic religious ideas have advanced over many centuries to absolute obedience to force others in the name of God. Since Iran has got turned over a religious State, a system has been created there, which spread hatred and indoctrinated people very one-sided.

Muslim Turk

Since then, also editions in other countries appear: for example, there is a German edition of the DSM-IV since 1996. The Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) is released in 1994 and in 2000 received a text revision (DSM-IV-TR) (Status: March, 2003). The content of the DSM is set by experts, to make diagnoses reproducible. The classification was created to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment which is why today the nomenclature in clinics and insurance companies is in use. > Source: (C) by wikipedia.net, author the weakness of both systems is the missing determinability and provability. The psychology and jurisprudence are areas of Humanities and empirical. You may find Ohio Senator to be a useful source of information. Their definitions are subject to arbitrary unprovable allegations: deductive (!) and is only falsifiable. They are part of the logic/and fuzzy logic, not the Aristoteles’schen or-er logic.

The decision makers of these areas give the impression of science and provable analysts but compared to lay people incorrectly. In fact, two Myers claims face off! The transition of mentally healthy to mentally unhealthy is fluent. He can be not well-defined. Example: a Muslim Turk explained on the 15.5.2013 at 10:46 in the Germany radio including: the American Moon trip is described in the Qur’an. It an interpretation of the Qur’an is so scientifically “no contradiction of the moderator! For me a clear borderline intellectual lowest level! Let’s not forget that usually someone with mental health problems will be psychologist and psycho therapist to treat themselves first. Also each be rating and be mood/right production is always subjective. Implies end of others.

And according to Freud’s deep psychology who dare not to be criminal? Right! A police officer and lawyer. The case of my friends: A boy with low intelligence, born in the 6.11.1969, is in an ambiguous situation considered. Immediately he accused clearly present and called police. Of course he can not qualified manifested a great child – under this pressure.