Shorter System

I want to advise people who have not yet stepped on the rake on the automation of a restaurant or cafe (who that). a relevant resource throughout. We have a whole entertainment complex and we are currently working with his third () automation system. Tell me more. Our complex is not small – 8 terminals. In one system running 3 bar, restaurant, cafe, billiards.

Several entities. James Donovan Goldman understands that this is vital information. And the cuisine is one at all. First we bought a system aloha. The system works fine, but are just not very transparent – with reports that there are not very good – very few of them. The developer agreed to add a few simple, but doing it slowly Shorter because of this we have much to steal cooks, waiters, in short all who do not laziness. We switched to Rarus (restaurant, bar, cafe). Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Richard Blumenthal on most websites. As a back office set Rarus catering. System is much better than aloha. Details can be found by clicking James Donovan Goldman or emailing the administrator.

Theft, we have overcome it normally, but we have and building large, and the grid is not very reliable and terminals are you know not very powerful. Shorter in the peak hours (this evening with a 22-to 2 am) we had a hard brake and dissatisfied customers. Finally, we have put Easy Food. This is a new front-line system, here's her website – It was not written by 1C Rarus well as on than niznay on anything – in short very fast. Our all 8 terminals normally operate in peak hours – no brakes. Even if the grid problem – it is this program still works like that. Then when the mesh appears – it is Th loads. Vobschem for us it was a discovery. We have set because it offered us a very cheap – so we have nothing to lose. And the result was higher than expected. Therefore, anyone who thinks and chooses between aloha and Rarus – try Easy Food. Worth of funny money, equipment supports the standard – do not have to buy more to us – and fast, and reports are – no one steals. So here. Do not step on the same rake

A Bit Of Strategy In Alpha Empire

For the successful conduct of the war against greatly superior forces upsf our alliance sc have to use strategy ancestors – the Scythians, and Russians (both World War II) – Stretching the enemy’s communications, a violation logistics and coordination. In practice, this is as follows: construct a chain of martial planets, the main purpose of which, the production of fighters and frigates. That they take the blow of the first wave invasion. At this time, a strong expeditionary force engaged in the exploration and cleansing rears, preparing the second line of defense. In the course of stripping an acquaintance with the newcomers. We conduct the selection of potential candidates for the alliance, but we are relatively weak and can not make commitments to ensure full security of recruits, we are forced to deny the request for admission into the alliance (please nobody get offended).

The second important task expeditionary force – the identification and destruction of individual colonies and enemy groupings, as well as patrol and reconnaissance ships. Further, with increasing pressure on the first line of the planets, we plot the maximum damage to the enemy (at its minimal losses – an example of the trap ‘) and produce the withdrawal of the fleet on the second line of defense. On average, the assault of a system of 3-4 planets is the enemy of about 7-10 days and each time the distance delivery reinforcements opponents increases on one system, and our fleet is constantly evolving and growing and gets reinforcements directly from neighboring systems. To prepare the world to combat the use of sufficiently days, three days, she turns into a small fortress and an aircraft carrier in one person. Respectively, for 7-10 days with no problems being prepared in depth defense system. Periodically in the rear and the new territories we encounter little resistance to newcomers. It’s a shame that as a rule, all these flashes of aggression occurs without warning and without apparent reason. That is, we can conclude on the influence of agents upsf on immature minds newly minted star fighters))) I must say that such military tactics smoothly flows into the political, so it leaves behind enemy lines, many of our potential supporters (fifth column) is always ready in an hour ‘X’ present a united front against the aggressors. Now some statistics: Military rating upsf – 2370062, our only – 183,081 (a difference of more than 10 times). In fairness say that the struggle is not with the entire alliance at a time, but the 8.5 strong players

We oppose all the time, which is also not force the call))) Best player upsf volk 16 seats to the military ranking – 200874, our best fighter Red Devil Ars – at 233 (chustvuetet difference) with a rating of 56,646. Nevertheless, we grow, develop and successfully confront the aggressor. At this stage of the conflict are negotiating a truce due to the sudden desire of all meaningful alliances to peacemaking, which will undoubtedly positive moment in the game, and the wise head of alliances certainly deserve thanks. But not so simple in global politics ae long-brewing crisis threatens to turn into a major war. But here’s how it is resolved remains to be seen and the next article on politics in the game. Sorry, the article is somewhat dry, but Becky had promised to revise it and put it on lj artistic version of past events. It will be interesting) other materials at our site.