Elterncoaching Video

The Bohme consultancy offers a newly developed video series titled ‘Learning psychology and Motivationscoaching’. “The 42-teilige video of teaching psychology and Motivationscoaching” helps parents, kids and teachers alike figures and support constructive learning processes that are essential for optimal educational opportunities. Target groups, this total 42-teilige teaching video series is ideally suited for the, are mainly involved parents, open-minded teachers, as well as everyone interested in education who want to acquire a solid and easy to understand basic knowledge in the thematic field of psychology and Motivationscoaching in the self-study. “The new video series psychology and Motivationscoaching” offers a broad and representative range of important and proven methods successfully applied in the context of psychologically motivated coaching in the field of education and training. Thematically, the range includes inter alia the following areas: background information, practical tips, self-assessment, concentration & Motivation, language, thinking & learning, NLP, intelligence & life energy. Each topic group consists of about five to seven individual videos, which can be studied individually, as well as in the Federation. The complete package consists of 42 instructional videos with a total volume of approximately four to five hours. Received via the website, can be on all topics free look at short and meaningful preview videos, so that potential buyers advance newly implemented a specific impression of the design of this teaching video series psychology and Motivationscoaching”.

All training videos are offered as downloads as well as a DVD. Orders, binding placed directly through the Web site until 31.12.2010 at the latest, will benefit from the 30% introductory discount. The delivery of the instructional videos will begin in January 2011. this new video series from Mr Aribert Bohme, psychological consultant (SGD-Dipl.) & DV-kfm & computer teacher & author, has been developed for many years in the Education in different functions is operating successfully. Special feature of this video series is a deliberately interdisciplinary structure of diverse knowledge from different disciplines (psychology, brain research, memory training, school psychology, concentration training, Elterncoaching, etc.) are connected into one harmonious whole. Due to the deliberately simple language which Mr Aribert Bohme used as author and lecturer in the implementation of this teaching video series, which presupposes also no specific prior knowledge, this total 42-teilige teaching video series suitable for self-study. Psychological counseling, Aribert Bohme of psychological consultant (SGD-Dipl.) & DV-kfm & computer teacher & author member in the who-is-who Germany & Europe Lichtenbroicher route 103, 40472 Dusseldorf Tel.: 0211/4791191 fax: 03212-1048942 E-Mail: Internet:

How Do I Make A Career In Sales?

A step by step explanation of how you in sales can start right! How do I make a career in sales? Often I am asked: how actually do I really career in making sales? “Jimmy” is often my answer, it is actually quite simple, actually you must do right only about, what we humans have learned in millions of years, to be successful in sales. But, if I’m totally honest, there is everything to make not just the easiest right. It’s always probably the hardest thing in the world to do right! But fun aside! To be a successful salesperson, and really make that career you must understand first what means the word sales at all. How exactly is marketing defined? “Wikipedia.com defines distribution as follows: the term sales refers to all decisions and systems, which are necessary in order to make available a product or a service for the customer or end user.” Easy the words: sold the sales, he does nothing all day but to sell! – But what do you mean nothing here?” This is a very good question! The subject of sale is eineGabe, which was laid over hundreds of thousands of years the people in the cradle. -depth analysis. In other words, it is communication with the objective to achieve something, to receive or to be. Unless my courtship of a partner, unless the apply to a workplace, or advertising a mere product. All these things I’m selling me or my product.

The better and clearer I share with (communicate), I’m getting ever better understood my ideas, wishes, ideas, be better accepted thoughts etc. Simply put: the more I share with me, the better I can sell. And precisely because mankind is sold and increasingly sold anything for over 100,000 years, always the subject of sale now bigger, more voluminous and will than ever before. Therefore, you must learn to understand, that you not a good salesperson will want to but a good salesman or: you professionalize your communication. .

Tom Freudenthal Learning

If you know your type of learning learn more effectively providing the right find much if learning is to the pain, may be that in addition to many other causes of false teaching. Because there are different types of learning, which must focus either on content, images and sounds or always practically apply all. For these different types of learning the learning material must be suitably prepared, can they find him interesting and memorize the information. In the following, these types of learning are briefly introduced. You can find out what type of learning you are, and make your learning significantly more effective.

Difficulties in learning why learning for us is so fast to the effort? Even with topics that interest us, we find not the right approach to learn effectively. The fabric is somehow uninteresting or boring and although the theme we find very exciting. This can be the case not only in the University, but also at work or even in the private sphere, where we so freely choose our subjects. In addition to many other This may be an inappropriate placement reasons. Because the different types of learning the course material on the best way for they need to get presents. Only then can the information remember and not lost within a very short time again. These types of learning there is the field of learning types”is very broad.

Different priorities depending on the approach and theory. Basically you can call these four typical types of learning: the contentorientierte type of learning this type of learning needs clear contents, structures and forms. With precisely integrated texts, books and E-books, he can work the best, because it traces the structures, which characterizes and is about this at any time in the memory can recall the information. The Visual learning type, this type of learning needs many Visual stimuli. The learning material in power point presentations, videos, graphics or General images must be presented for him. The auditory learner learning can remember the most spoken. For him works learning the best audiobooks, interviews, podcasts or audio books. The practical type of learning this type of learning eventually can apply somehow everything. He takes cases or things that he can perceive touch, touch and feel. He can remember the best experiments and studies, coming directly in contact with them. To learn more effectively if a substance you as bulky or exhausting, even though you actually interested in the topic you worry about the nature of the mediation. Try to find out what type of learning you are, and adjust your way to learn. You can learn much more efficient and more sustainable if you add the learning resources in the best way. In this way, you must force less to learn. He feels just right and of course. They are much more motivated and have fun learning. This not only significantly save time and effort, but can be sure that the fabric for longer than a few days or even just Hours in memory to keep. Interested in more information about the topics? We have a total of 20 short videos with further tips on the subjects of reading strategies, learning, memory and motivation for you you click on this link for more information: I look forward to your visit! Her Tom Freudenthal

AkadIng Offers Intensive Retreat

The Academy of engineers offers an intensive seminar to obtain a TuV QualitatsZertifikats beginning December 2010 for architecture and Engineering Academy of engineers – the education of engineering Chambers of Baden-Wurttemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland – intensive working in networks. Through the contacts to ministries, Chambers, associations, companies, education and services is communities and industry specifically in terms of the needs and the requirements of the market and the customers. The current requirements in the construction industry require the integration of knowledge in many areas, but also the integration of all partners involved in the construction. The network creates understanding and acceptance. Part of this network is also the quality this year Planner “in construction”. This performs successfully three-day intensive retreats to the creation of a QM manual, to introduce a certified QM system in planning offices. The start of the next jointly undertaken intensive retreat is intended for the 02.12.2010 in Ostfildern.

According to our experience, the implementation of a quality management system often fails on the day tasks allocated to available resources and the – understandably – with higher priority. Exactly at this point, our sets intensive exam “designers in the construction”-. The goal of the meeting is to offer a professional and optimised in cost benefit terms assistance architecture and engineering offices to develop their QM manual. For this purpose we cooperate with representatives of the “QualitatsVerbund Planner in the construction” and QM experienced students of the University of Karlsruhe. Under the direction of Dr.-ing. Knut Marhold and Dr.-ing.

E. Rudiger Weng is assisted architects and engineers from Thursday to Saturday in the drafting of your quality management manual and elaborated the important and time-consuming parts of the QM manual ready for printing. Thus, the conditions are satisfied, the “QualitatsZertifikat Planner in the construction” (www.planer-am-bau.de) to get awarded the TuV-Rheinland. Then at the intensive exam limited to maximum 6 groups the participants will receive a four Burocoaching schedule please enquire as assistance for the implementation of the QM manual in your company.

Home Study Day 2011: Hamburg Academy Invites To Open Day

Home study day 2011, the Hamburg-based Academy offers free workshops, lectures and personal advice. Hamburg, 03.02.2011 nationwide home study day on February 25, 2011 the Hamburg Academy for distance learning from 12:00 opens its doors for all interested in training. Free workshops on creative writing, time management, learning and concentration techniques await the visitor. In individual counseling sessions, experts will inform also about content and accounts of 160 correspondence courses of the Hamburg Academy. These include also questions about financing or an inventory of personal goals and requirements. amDas detailed program to the open day is deposited on the site: about us/home study day /. Amazon takes a slightly different approach.

The advantage of distance learning is located in the temporal and spatial flexibility. The day of open door offers the possibility to inform themselves locally via the process of distance learning. That more and more people distance learning for to discover, shows also the great response we have experienced in recent years on the day of distance learning”, says anno Stockem, Managing Director of the Hamburg Academy for distance learning. Amazon often addresses the matter in his writings. This year, the Hamburg-based Academy offers to the open day a varied Programm.Wie release increased concentration and learning ability and improve time management?Answers to offer free workshops, led by experienced educators. But also creative professionals get their money: an introductory workshop takes visitors into the world of creative writing.

“Who for the distance learning course state approved / r business studies” interested about this challenging training experiences. Event: Open doors day date: February 25, 2011, 12: 00 to 18:00 place: Neumann Reichardt str. 27-33, (House 20), 22041 Hamburg contact: 0800 999 0800 registration is not required. With more than 160 courses, the Hamburg Academy for distance learning is one of the largest distance teaching institutions in Germany and PAS is certified according to ISO 9001 and derQualitatsnorm for remote teaching institutions 1037. The Institute for professional and private training engaged since its inception in 1969. From the Abiturbis to the Certified Business Manager, the Institute offers a wide range of courses in six subject areas. The company belongs to the Stuttgart Klett Gruppe, the largest training companies in Germany with 60 companies in 42 locations in 18 countries. More information at. Press contact: Hamburg Academy for distance learning; Sabine Grillo; Neumann-Reichardt-str. 27-33; 22041 Hamburg, Germany Phone: 040 / 658 09 10; Email:, fax: 040 / 658 09 33; press /.

Schloss Salem School: Feudal Birth Defects

The studying education concept should solve the problem of “decadence” in the upper-class family dynasties in the first place. No other boarding school in Germany represents a such dazzling elite concept such as the school opened by Prince Max von Baden and the Jewish son of large citizen Kurt Hahn in 1920 Schloss Salem at Lake Constance. The interpretations of the Kurt Hahn education hire education for civic responsibility at the Centre, overlooked their anti-democratic and reactionary goals. Hahn, who is considered by supporters “the great educators of the 20th century”, but as no pedagogical training, not even present a formal academic qualification despite his studies of philosophy and Philology at various universities (Berlin, Freiburg, Gottingen, Oxford) had many representatives of the pedagogical movement of the late 19th and early 20th century, deal only child importance of academic performance. One floated him after the “7 Salem laws” to the “”Responsibility elite”well-mannered”leadership aristocracy”before (Birsner 2012, S. 55), whose privileged position through an entire catalog of properties to learn” (Palmer 1996) should be legitimized. As tap comment makes clear studying law (“the sons of rich and powerful parents from the enervating sense of privilege redeemed”) to the 7th, the goals of the school never egalitarian were Schloss Salem. It was by no means (and doesn’t to this day), every efficient in accordance with his performance of the rise in responsible positions in politics and the economy to enable, as it corresponds to the ideals of a modern democratic society (However in the Federal Republic still not realized!).

The studying education concept should solve the problem of “decadence” in the upper-class family dynasties first and foremost, which was ‘a deliberate waste of a magnificent heritage’ cock and attributed it, that “the ‘poor’ boys and girls the” Rich”not might develop into successful adults”as long as she restricted their circles”remained. His claim: “Let’s experience a fascinating school life with sons and daughters share their Eltern have to fight for their existence” was only on, to create a more favourable environment for education the young nobility and upper middle class. The children of less privileged were in this sense specifically instrumentalized. The following set is no different to understand: “No school can build on a tradition of self-discipline and energetic, joyful effort, if not at least 30 per cent of children from homes, where life is not only easy, but even hard.” A quota of 30% children came from “humble” or such, the material conditions under “harsh” (pronounced: Hartz IV) grew up always illusion remained. Also the idea that it is possible to wealthy families, “to educate their children as if they are not” be prosperous”and”facilities such as Salem, … This educational mission”took in their favor by creating a”shelter before the materialism of the world of adults”(Bernhard Bueb). On the contrary.

Life was ambiguous”, reported the former head of education Landheim Marienau, Bernhard Knoop, looking back on 35 years of experience in two country homes, and the”coexistence of the consumer behavior of the homes and the ascetic lifestyle promoted in the boarding school”always an irreducible remained heavily incriminating opposition, the educational work”. (idem ibid.). And not the instrumentalization of “Fellows” in the interests of the upper class clientele is the past now. Ulrich Lange

Mentalcoaching Top Athletes

The law of attraction – the law of resonance which should bring me Mentalcoaching and what is it anyway? Mentalcoaching is the preoccupation with mental techniques to a target to achieve a project and often coaches experience, that once a target needs to be found. This is program, and is being developed in the days. New at the Mentalcoaching from Heidelberg is that you can do it from anywhere, there is no book, no seminar in which you passively sit in, it is not a coach who comes to your home it’s an interactive webinar. The Mentalcoaching consists of several sections, it has a duration of 30 days and coaches with the elements: daily exercise lesson via email to a time which the participants themselves set free access to a forum which deals with these issues and daily interactive live chat for 30 minutes in which the participants interact with other participants can also Saturday, Sunday because the spirit makes also no pause. In this unique chat you questions come up in the course immediately on the same day, which is a major difference to all other methods. You can talk live with other participants without saying who they are. as much anonymity as the participants want extensive material based on various recognised and proven techniques, which have been incorporated in the course and will of course in the internal area, which opens after entering a password email support for confidential questions directly with the creators of the course of Mentalcoaching course constantly updated and improved. The techniques include: setting goals and meditations – reach led to write techniques and own meditation techniques free approaches of autogenic training, NLP, other Mentalcoachings the law of attraction, the law of resonance order of the universe (Barbel Mohr) the secret (Ramonda Breyne) LOA – The law of attraction happy list diary, written fixation affirmations affirmations techniques during the course is set to 30 days, and in these thirty days coming, thanks to the Possibility every day a few minutes targeted his own desires and objectives to take care of, a momentum of its own on, which leads to the achievement of set themselves target in many cases already during the course.