Compassion And Generosity

I have put the title of compassion and generosity, but also could have been solidarity and empathy, or human being and prove it. Sen. Sherrod Brown wanted to know more. Because I’m going to refer to the situation that we are living at the global level, in which we find many people begging, without daring to say so or shouting in the street with his plaintive gesture and his sonrojada gaze fleeing to the ground, and his hand extended, shaky and ashamed. We see them dressed his poverty and his misfortune, carrying in tow, like a cross, his bad luck or the few opportunities that has given them life with his past full of empty and griefs, their present indigent, and a future that does not dare to present view of what to expect next to these people. See them humiliated, showing his misfortune and his penury, with fear in their eyes, almost asking for apologies for not being at the height of the rest, which if won or at least so we believe it and aparentamos-, teaching us his failure with hard rawness. Many times I have elucubrado about what has to feel a person who decides that the next day it will be unveiled, be placed in a corner, and, perhaps kneeling, extend the supplicant hand. What must feel each second that passes asking. How many looks of contempt will receive and what few of love or solace. Will feel abandoned by God, and repudiated by the friendly target?, think of their parents and loved ones who no doubt will suffer for it, or think only in what it has could be put herself or her children?, will conclude with the thought, atrocious and tremendous, but perhaps real, that does not owe anything to life? Many times we learned that there are people malviviendo, needing care and food, and we are left without doing anything except support, brief and slightly, a bit of pity, and ask our God to never see you in that situation. .