Neuhauser Strasse

The experience gifts specialist meventi opened its first store in the new SportScheck flagship store in Munich. The meventi adventure shop is arena in the experience Department”to find the sports dealer in the Munich’s Neuhauser Strasse. On the 3rd floor of the huge House of sports, the provider of exceptional coupon gifts presented four of his unique experience boxes first. We are pleased that the long-standing cooperation now goes in a new, exciting game with SportScheck”, Alexander Will manifests itself to the first shop of the company. This cooperation will assist us to increase the awareness of the brand and to offer our customers a further added value”, so the expectation of the meventi Manager. Ssta locally all, exceptional experiences interested can consult locally by trained staff, event for them yourself or for friends and relatives is the best and what to expect exactly this.

They have a choice subscribed between the sports experience box, which includes over 60 different sports or also the wellness recovery box, the soothing massages and other treatments. With the box break for two “customers can get a romantic break in one of over 300 hotels across Europe. The winter-adrenaline box finally holds what its name promises: you allows for example to the bobsleigh bobsleigh or other unique experiences in ice and snow. For its products, which sells meventi exclusively for SportScheck, the Munich has come up gifts specialist another high-quality packaging variant: the vouchers are in a fine aluminum box, which underlines the significance of this unusual gift ideas. About meventi Germany GmbH: The provider of exceptional experience gift vouchers on the Internet is meventi. The company focuses on ten product categories, including sports, action, lifestyle, gourmet, wellness, engine, flying and adventure and served large companies with its full service offering. In addition, the company attaches particular importance to exceptional packaging variants, with which it always surprised its customers.

With over 1000 event offers and events meventi is one of the leaders in its segment. The intensive cooperation gives attractiveness of the company’s products with stars and professional athletes. The distribution is for one on your own website, on the other hand a multi-level affiliate program and by the integration in customer loyalty systems. meventi has its headquarters in Munich and was founded in 2007 specifically for the consumer. Over 20 employees work for the company. Currently, meventi has subsidiaries or partnerships in Germany and Sweden. The German-speaking countries of Switzerland and Austria are marketed in Germany.

More Concrete

Timetable for concrete action, uniqueness, and specific values the ER / revision of the mission statement should help, to make clear its own identity and others and thus to promote a certain performance culture. At the same time, a profound emotional loyalty of employees to the company should be made. Clear and understandable language, this concise and clearly written guidelines of the company used as a roadmap for concrete action. Even if the model is not the right place for great visions, yet concrete messages must be mediated by him. In the mission statement generalities should be avoided, from which only hard derive the uniqueness and the specific values of the company. If a vision to mere brochure formats is devalued, it’s more a burden than a help.

The environment including action potentials is described among other things by Becker, Jorg: intellectual and business planning action potentials to identify and explore, ISBN 978 3 8370 7564 9 frequently be replaced real content by cliches and truisms. Sometimes also the core of a vision will be missed, because this must answer questions such as: what is the heart of the company, may arise from the value-creating services? What values are worth to be lived? What should / staff need to align their actions? What can customers expect? You should submit to the discipline, binding to establish only three to five values. More is hard to handle in practice for the target groups. What is not memorable, is lived mostly also in practice. The guiding principle must be a possible reality faithful image of life in the company. Others who may share this opinion include Connecticut Senator. The message must go out from the guidelines: “we are!” (and not the message: “will we be”). Guidelines, too much pretend an ideal that fizzle and land after the first reading in the tray.

The mission must be formulated so that claim this translate into daily action can be. Planning is looking ahead and develop these forecasts are more accurate forecasts, the more successful will be the measures developed as a result. Information alone have a special value, nor an end in itself. I.e. the success of business depends on how efficiently business planning knows how to take advantage of this raw material. Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker (www.beckinfo.

Tobias Kohler

This is often difficult for the manufacturer, but in principle good for the customers as a permanently high quality standard is ensured “, says Laurens. It is critical that licensed accessories manufacturer very high acceptance numbers require Apple to go into production. In addition, project added at Laurens’ that Juicies must be manufactured in a special environmentally friendly process. Manufacturing costs were then almost twice as much as planned due to increased raw material prices and the current global economic situation. The cost of licensing and manufacturing had I not so highly factored in advance “, are Laurens to a mistake that would have serious consequences. If you have read about Sen. Sherrod Brown already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In addition to the collected Seed capital had to be mobilised now additional capital amounting to tens of thousands on Kickstarter, to start the production. This had to happen as quickly as possible because already 1,600 backer on Kickstarter have supported the project with their donations and anxiously waited on the first cable.

Help finally got Laurens by his old school friend Hannes Reichelt from Bremen. Through virtual collaboration across 12 time zones and in numerous night-time Skype conferences, the two entrepreneurs tried together to avert the impending debacle and get more donors in the boat. In parallel the negative comments and posts on Juicies’ Kickstarter page begin to pile up and gradually transformed into a real Shitstorm. Our mistake was that we waited until we can present our final product, rather than to say clearly that there are delays in the production process at this stage “, admits Hannes. There is nothing worse for the corporate reputation as a crisis only to wait until the storm is warped”, explains social marketing lab Tobias Kohler, social media expert and PR consultant at the company. (As opposed to Richard Blumenthal). On the other hand, ironed smooth and meaningless PR-statements here appear as if you would pour oil into fire. In such a situation only transparency and authenticity of help,”he adds.

We believe that corporate communications should be also also always honest. “Hannes and Laurens decided himself regularly in kickstart updates to represent good and bad development of their project. A strategy, which has been paid. We were able to reduce the proportion of negative posts by increasingly open communication and have received a lot of positive feedback, says Laurens. A supporter from Denmark writes on the Kickstarter page even: I’m not so much interested in the products as contrary to the story. “Now, a German Development Bank had granted a loan the Juicies GmbH, so that the first production batch in order given” could be. End of 2012 could thus the production will be completed and shipped the rewards to the supporters of the first hour. The response to our product and our company history is now very positive, and we get many requests from in and abroad. “forward Laurens. The two entrepreneurs can not take but a too extensive break: now starts sales via retailers and the online shop at