Classic Women

List of women's accessories, which should be in every woman's wardrobe (Michael Kors (Michael Kors)): 1. String of pearls Pearl is a classic, no matter the size. Pearls not only looks great, it gives a person a natural shine, which is akin to making a woman unique. 2. Diamonds' Wear largest diamonds, which can afford – says Kors.

– And if you can not afford the real thing, wear artificial. " Cloves of fine complement the jeans and t-shirt, little black dress, suitable for adolescents and older women. "Few things modest and luxurious at the same time, but the perfect pair of studs is one of them" – said Kors. 3. Glasses "Aviator" These glasses will give you much, create a sense of intrigue, danger, or mystery.

"They automatically turn you into a star – says the designer. – This is the thing which has no age or gender. " 4. Large These wrist-watch hours, functional and luxurious, talk about its owner: "I am stylish, but I'm breaking the rules" – says Kors. 5. Leather handbag designer handbags are divided into four categories, because, he said, generic version does not exist. First, an elegant bag purse – invoice, preferably by the "snake skin" that can be put into a larger bag. It allows light to go for lunch or evening on Dinner at a restaurant. Also, every woman needs a spacious bag with handles. It can be amusing and unusual (for example, now popular handbags with bright mesh), but always functional. Another classic option – soft and a convenient bag over his shoulder. According to Kors, this bag can completely change the image. "If you append a soft conservative clothing suede shoulder bag, it will make your image more relaxed and at ease." And finally, you will need a small handbag with two handles – feminine and elegant. Ohio Senators opinions are not widely known. 6. In the case of shoes with a pair of shoes will not do the options. In the wardrobe of any woman should be leather sandals "on a metallic", ballet slippers, visually lengthen legs and moccasins – and it's only shoes without heels. "When women ask me," How high heels have to be? "- I say," And on the heels which you can spend two hours without pain means? "- laughs Course. Heels should be – whether they be a height of 5 or 10 centimeters. By the classic attributes Course: thong sandals – black and "a metallic" sexy pumps and slip-on shoes – black, brown or patent leather (crocodile or snake skin). The shape of the toe Kors left to the owner's shoes. If you want to limit yourself to just one pair of boots, then, according to Kors, it should be brown suede high-heeled boots – they perfectly complement almost any outfit. Women's Clothing Ano – a style and beauty!

Pending Revolutions

Lags of the old military leadership: a Chalbaud Delgado Perez Jimenez and seeking power in January. 914: Marcos Perez Jimenez to NACE (MPJ) in Michelena, Edo Tachira. 1. 945, October 1918: a With the rank of Major, MPJ takes part in the overthrow of President Isaias Medina Angarita. 1. 948, November: has responsibility for the overthrow of President Romulo Gallegos.

As Minister of Defense, the Military Junta Government Integra, headed by Mayor Carlos Delgado Chalbaud with Llovera Luis Paez, Minister of Foreign Affairs. 1. 950, November 13: Carlos Delgado Chalbaud, the man who had promised early elections (ie the possibility that the government return to civilian hands), a is murdered. a General is responsible Rafael Simon Urbina, who then takes refuge in the embassy of Nicaragua, surrenders and is ultimately killed by members of the National Security (NS), dying with him as the condition of the most qualified witness in the case Chalbaud. 1. 950, November 27: Eleven days later, under the political crisis provoked by the assassination, upon changing the name to “Governing Board” a Military High Command and the President appoints the attorney Germain Flamerich Suarez, MPJ and retaining Llovera Paez their positions, with the particularity that wealthy MPJ more power and control. For the purpose of such events (death and increased power Chalbaud MPJ) are felt: to take Pedro Estrada as Director of the SN, a man of complete confidence MPJ; political persecution intensifies, it creates the field Guasina concentration is killed Leonardo Ruiz Pineda leader suspends college classes.