Pending Revolutions

Lags of the old military leadership: a Chalbaud Delgado Perez Jimenez and seeking power in January. 914: Marcos Perez Jimenez to NACE (MPJ) in Michelena, Edo Tachira. 1. 945, October 1918: a With the rank of Major, MPJ takes part in the overthrow of President Isaias Medina Angarita. 1. 948, November: has responsibility for the overthrow of President Romulo Gallegos.

As Minister of Defense, the Military Junta Government Integra, headed by Mayor Carlos Delgado Chalbaud with Llovera Luis Paez, Minister of Foreign Affairs. 1. 950, November 13: Carlos Delgado Chalbaud, the man who had promised early elections (ie the possibility that the government return to civilian hands), a is murdered. a General is responsible Rafael Simon Urbina, who then takes refuge in the embassy of Nicaragua, surrenders and is ultimately killed by members of the National Security (NS), dying with him as the condition of the most qualified witness in the case Chalbaud. 1. 950, November 27: Eleven days later, under the political crisis provoked by the assassination, upon changing the name to “Governing Board” a Military High Command and the President appoints the attorney Germain Flamerich Suarez, MPJ and retaining Llovera Paez their positions, with the particularity that wealthy MPJ more power and control. For the purpose of such events (death and increased power Chalbaud MPJ) are felt: to take Pedro Estrada as Director of the SN, a man of complete confidence MPJ; political persecution intensifies, it creates the field Guasina concentration is killed Leonardo Ruiz Pineda leader suspends college classes.