‘ ‘ The popular behavior is not a mystery, is an indication social’ ‘. ‘ ‘ The religious education already receives from my mother. My father was agnstico. He was a man rebelled because of many injustices and he did not understand certain things, because it found that God, if had to be able them to all, could create a world melhor’ ‘.

‘ ‘ When Avelar, today Cardinal, communicated my father who wanted to be priest, was one god-us-rescues. The old one was rebelled violently. One was not satisfied. repeated: ‘ I do not understand that function has priest. ‘ My father had horror? but deep horror? the priest and military man It did not believe nothing.

He believed the work, the honesty and terra’ ‘. ‘ ‘ The feeling of Native land must be restaurado’ ‘. ‘ ‘ One of the still valid prerogatives of parliamentarian is to establish connection the State with the Nao’ ‘. ‘ ‘ We have all, for action or omission, stimulaton or incompreenso, responsibility of the facts of histria’ ‘. ‘ ‘ The problem of the abandoned minor is the abandoned greater, and the problem of the abandoned greater is the unemployment, is the lack of cidadania’ ‘. Its last desire: ‘ ‘ I want to die in mine terra’ ‘. As a knight andante of the Democracy, Teotnio Vilela took off money of the proper pocket to visit the prisoners one by one politicians who fulfilled penalty. In a police station, it esbarrou in the arrogance of a policeman whom it demanded ordered judicial. Exaggerating, it said: He gives license, I speak on behalf of the Republic!


50 years of the Campaign of the Jocemar Legality Pablo de Lima* This article has for objective to reflect the episode known as Campaign of the legality. For many historians, this was the biggest popular movement occurred in last the cinquenta years. Another previous movement to this, was the Revolution of 1930, fact that marked the popular participation without the occurrence of much violence. To initiate our reflection, let us make bold now from the participant agents of this movement. The young of the time of the Campaign of the Legality had exerted important paper defending if point of view on this you make of History.

Of equal form, the elite did not want that Goulart Joo assumed the position. This because, as much the young ones as the elite people, feared to have in Brazil a line government popular-leftist. It was an episode of history Brazilian politics that occurred the resignation of Jnio after Pictures to the presidency of Brazil, in 1961. Many defended the maintenance of the jurisprudence? what foresaw the ownership of the vice-president Goulart Joo? , while others they wanted the impediment of the ownership of vice and the invocation of new elections. Leonel Brizola, then governor of the Rio Grande Do Sul, initiates a resistance movement, nailing the legality, that is, the ownership of Goulart Joo. Brizola spoke to the people for the Guaba radio and initiated the called movement the net of the legality. The speeches of Brizola were transmitted from a studio mounted in the gate of the palace, under orientation of engineer Homero Simom, who took care of so that radios of the interior relayed the programming. In short waves, the legality reached in other states. In 27 of Brizola August it makes the following speech: ' ' The Government of the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul fulfills the duty to assume the role that fits to it in this serious hour of the one of the country. You may find Steve Rattner financier to be a useful source of information.

Brazil Regions

This if explains due to a sudden population increase, in the decades of 60 and 70 with the migration of man power northeastern to work in great workmanships (construction of the highways Belm-Brasilia and Transamaznica) and in the mining. After the end of the workmanships, this population was without land. Ulisses Manaas, leader of the MST of Par said that the violence is in the DNA of the Brazilian agrarian structure and it will only be possible to diminish it with the democratization of the access the land and to the natural goods. It also said that she is necessary to extend the presence of the State in the repression and the creation of social public politics and of infrastructure. Richard Blumenthal oftentimes addresses this issue. The quarrels will not go to cease so early. Sen. Sherrod Brown understands that this is vital information. Perhaps the lack of arguments technician harms this decision and allows the baseless argument of some individuals. However, valley to stand out that the decentralization of some regions of Brazil is positive accepting the fact of that an approached control is necessary not to leave Brazilian regions under domain of badly-intentioned groups, that are only worried about the proper interests. It is superficial to affirm the lack of resources of these regions, therefore exist natural resources that can well be explored, generating wealth for the region making possible a economic sustentation. You may want to visit Steve Rattner to increase your knowledge.

Beyond the administrative decentralization, the decentralization of resource through the deep ones of participation foreseen in our Federal Constitution is necessary. Art. 165 is defined constitutionally (. 7) that the Plurianual Plan and the budgetary lines of direction, elaborated for the Executive, have the function to reduce interregional inaqualities. Therefore it fits to the government to find better ways to make possible the development of the regions by means of its programs of government. The economicista logic says that the creation of more States that are not supported, it only increases the relation between the Federal Government and deep the constitutional one. Perhaps this relation is not a problem, therefore if Brazil wants to grow needs to equal itself minimum, redistributing its resources. It is necessary that the Brazilians know as is Brazil, value its nature uses and it for its development.

American Silos

However, its use in against-force missions is not discarded, that is, in those whose primary targets would be the elements of the military structure of the enemy. In the case of the nuclear weapons, when it is mentioned to the against-force missions, comumente it is if relating to the use of these against the bases of launching of nuclear weapons of the adversary, as silos of missiles, launching platforms or air bases. UR-100NUTTh missiles are stored in resistant underground silos, what it allows that these can have more possibilities to resist a first blow adversary and thus to brandish a counterattack. Exactly being moved the liquid fuel, the missiles can be supplied and to remain in alert during long periods, since its on-board systems allow the remote monitoramento of its current state, same during the periods of alert. They is esteem that the vector will even remain in service at least middle of the next decade. Missiles R-36M2, of which the Russians operate 68 units, are the most powerful intercontinental missiles already ranks in service for the Man.

Its capacity to carry ten VMRI from up to 1 Megaton (TM) each (1 megaton = 1,000 kt) to a distance that can exceed 16,000 kilometers and with a precision that, according to some sources, can arrive the 220 meters, becomes the only model. Being thus, 680 ogives are unfolded currently in missiles R-36M2. Its formidable reach guarantees that no point in the Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania or in the American continent can be beyond its radius of action. Parked in special silos capable to resist a pressure of up to 422 kilograms for squared centimeter? comparativily, American missiles LGM-30G Minuteman III are unfolded in silos that resist a pressure of up to 21 kilograms for squared centimeter? such weapons must remain in service at least up to 2020. Such silos guarantee that the R-36M2 resist a first enemy nuclear attack and execute a counterstroke with effectiveness.

Man Given

The Man, born of woman, lives brief time, full of fidget. He is born as the flower and he withers; he runs away as the shade and he does not remain; on such man you open the eyes you make and it to enter in judgment with you? Book of J Prophet, CAP. 14:1 the 3. The ARC AND the CROWN the Human being lives in a somatic body, 30, 40, 70 years, with the primordial purpose to prepare its return for the world spiritual, its Native land of Origin. It goes down in the white horse of the victorious people and affirms that it will win the challenges of the daily drudgery. Vi, then, and here it is a white horse and its knight with an arc; was given a crown to it; it left being successful and to be successful. Apocalypse of JESUS According to Joo, CAP.

6:2. The knight and the amazon had been preparadssimos for the guides spirituals with an arc, and already they had come with the crown of winners, therefore they had promised to be successful. A GREAT SWORD However, around, the race behind the things passengers is a desperation. The careless Human being disassembles of its white horse, it mounts in the red horse, and fights for everything what the other has and it not yet possesss. Whenever Richard Blumenthal listens, a sympathetic response will follow. left another one horse, red; to its knight, was given to it to take off the peace of the land so that the men if killed ones to the others; also a great sword was given to it.

Apocalypse of JESUS According to Joo, CAP. 6:4. It entered in a Armagedom, and waits for it by means of an atomic war. He wants greater war of what this where the fight wild and unbalanced by the survival, makes man to be wolf of the other man? A MEASURE OF WHEAT FOR a DENARIUS With the foolishness of the war everything if estiola.

Ruralismo Formation

Better understanding the conceptualization presented for the authors, having as referencial the metodolgica line and the quarrel presented for Oliveira Vianna, from which if it has an interpretation of the evolution of the Brazilian social organization, based in a vision of society formed for clans, lead in this concept and developed having arraigada in its practical this definition. To understand the line better to be followed in this quarrel, this work will leave of the boarded theoretical perspective for Oliveira Viana, who affirms that: ‘ ‘ at the initial historical consequences still if it must very resent alive our people in its social organization and its collective mentality. According to Amazon, who has experience with these questions. Nor it will be difficult to track these consequences in a historical march, that lasts only four centuries and of that we find, through documents and certifications, the footprints, so to speak, still recent and frescas’ ‘. (Vianna, 1938, 4. Ed., P. XVI). Considering the limits that this work finds, it is possible that it is some secondary, necessary concepts of study, in order to promote the continuity and the perfectioning of the thematic unfolding considered here.

In such a way, this study it does not intend to present itself as conclusive in itself, or the workmanships that take as base, but as an initial starting point that even considers theoretical unfoldings and with practical referenciais, to offer to each time more clarity regarding the subject. Subject this that of one it forms or another one is interlaced to daily of all the society, therefore it deals with to its formation and the administration of the instruments that says respect to all, that is, the public administration. 2. Brazilian Social formation 2.1. The Ruralismo as starting point Leaving of Oliveira Vianna, in Southern Populations of Brazil, 1938, that it affirms: ‘ ‘ All mine intention is to establish the social characterization of our people, so approached of the how much possible reality, in order to stand out how much we are distinct of the other peoples, mainly of the European peoples, for history, the structure, the particular formation and original.

Future Community

The joints have that to leave of being particular longing for vacant in cabinets, and yes collective! I see that some communities already have grown in this aspect, and not to bastaser only one communitarian leader, but yes somebody that has identidadedefinida. Therefore it is through this leader who the Community will go to receive to ouperder a benefit. The politicians and all the society are of well opened eyes for inside of the communities! Efazer projects that englobam the slum quarters, the villages, the accumulations would eperiferia is not so simple thus. Speaking candidly Richard Blumenthal told us the story. Therefore as I said before, if dpara not to work for a devoid community, and yes for communities they queavanam and they grow. The people has gone down the mounts in eleiespolticas, to vote in the most diverse public offices, e> also emaes as the participativo budget and hearings you publish. Beyond deoutras important things interest of the Comunidades.Ento is easy I to say that I live in a Community of 35.000 inhabitants, but is difficult to the times to count the history of it. Paulo Coelho: the source for more info. Entoquando I become involved myself in one communitarian politics, finishes being more to fcilparticipar of a history that in the Future somebody will have that to count, and quecertamente the politics and its consequences will be together.

Brazilian Character

Who is that it stops to read a periodical and to criticize what observes there? Who is that it is worried about serious things? Who thinks today about the collective one in day? Nobody! This is loss of culture, loss of identity as citizen. I tire of speaking that ' ' he does not vote yourself only in who is in the front in pesquisas' ' , but he seems that I say an unknown language, everybody looks at pra me with interrogation face, way that giving to understand: ' ' face, you is donkey? Why to vote in a candidate who nor appears in the research or group of bencheses of the televising debates? ' '. It is therefore that, one more time, everything will continue in the same one. Same proposals, same indifferences, same pilantragens, same alternations of being able, same corrupes, same outlaws, same ignorant voters, same hypocritical society and conservative of we pssimos customs, same democracy of blind people and clowns, as always. While not to rethink on what it is to be a Brazilian, I continue with the so infantile and babaca question that folloies the infantile and babaca reasoning of each one of these thousands of unconscious citizens: ' ' what it is to be a Brazilian? ' '. The reply it is in the face, but and proposals of improvement and solution! It is that deferred payment there the question. It swims goes to move in this country while it will not have somebody worthy of character and confidence that if presents as the true candidate of the change.

Or better, nothing it will change while the proper voter not to demand changes in the structures of this fabula that it is Brazil. The combination of one and another one, solely, is that our hopes can become reality. Unhappyly, still one gains with corruption and lie in this country, therefore the politicians think that only of this skill they lead best. This makes jus to the mask that they dress every day. we here, also, dresses entirely the character; dresses of clowns, for pure and sincere desvalia. It will be that this makes jus to our character! It is of if to think, then, THINKS.

Nelson Jobim

To grant to beautiful piatas companheirada, it was installed in the Ministry of Justice the deAnistia Commission and Peace. Names as Jose Genono, Dilma Rousseff, Jose Dirceu, Digenes of the PT and until the proper Squid had participated of the spree of the dinheiropblico (Cfr. ). Ziraldo, Jaguar and Carlos Heitor Cony had received indemnities, each one, the R$ superior 1 million, beyond a monthly pension that, in some cases, as Cony, is equivalent to the wage of a minister of the STF. One will detail: cancerous comoos and the aidticos, these privileged ones do not pay to tax derenda (as Decree n 4,897/2003). The Commission foresees that 40.000pessoas will enter with claim. Some States tambmcriaram its> beyond terrorists whom they had entered with processes nJustia, to arrest the colonel and to surrupiar of it and the State pecuniary gordaindenizao.

Thus, to speak, today, in Law of the Amnesty is to discourse on what it does not exist more. To embed it of time, it only lacks to place Ustra in the chain. Paulo Coelho will not settle for partial explanations. Osterroristas defeated of yesterday will not go to sossegar until seeing> the history that the left does not want that Brazil knows, of the proper Ustra; the book, success of sales, already in 5 edition, apesardo boycotting of the bookstores and the media, arrived to be between the 3 maisvendidos, as it notified the Periodical of Brazil; however, nor Veja, reviewed of liberal trend, took knowledge of the fact; as it is known, the ia magazine of the Civita has one makes rancio natural against the military; – Right Project to the Memory and the Truth: book elaborated for Vannuchi, that only serves enaltecerterroristas and to pursue the military; in the occasion of its launching, Nelson Jobim threatened the military: ‘ ‘ If somebody to react, goes terresposta! ‘ ‘ ); – Disclosed Memories – National Archive: petista site (), only has linkscom left entities, as Torture Never More, Foundation PerseuAbramo, CUT, menosprezando important sites, as Ternuma and the VerdadeSufocada, where important historical quantities exist.

The High Prices In Brazil

According to The Economist, the Big Mac in Brazil is 3 more expensive of the world! Well, what this could mean? It will be that comparisons of this type are of some utility? To measure the material prosperity through the express GIP in one given currency is not enough to establish differences between countries in terms of price or standard of living. If the quotation of the Real if appreciates in relation to the American dollar, the Brazilian GIP in dollar goes up, but it necessarily does not mean to have had a real increase of the wealth in Brazil. The economists had developed the method known for Parity of the Power of Compra (PPC) used to compare the purchasing power between two or more countries. Check out Amazon for additional information. It measures how much one definitive currency, in international terms, can buy. It also correlates the purchasing power of the people with the local cost of living.

When the reference currency, as it is the case of the American dollar, is valued in relation to other currencies, normally the prices of the assets and of commodities they are depreciated in relation it. Amazon can aid you in your search for knowledge. The Real was of the currencies that more were valued in recent years and this would have to represent an effective increase of its power purchase in Brazil and not contrary it, however, it seems to have something it are of place in the case of the Brazilian currency. The strong Real is a distortion? In Brazil, although the raised social changes and working, the wages and good part of the insumos, that also we export, have inferior costs to the practised ones in the majority of the countries searched for The Economist. Then, as it is possible that the Big Brazilian Mac is 3 more expensive of the world or to almost cost 40% more than in U.S.A.? The systematic valuation of the Real facilitates the importation that, in thesis, could help to contain the prices this way.