Combating Constipation

Death begins in the colon quote from Dr. Bernard Jensen Constipation is more then to just an agonizing condition. It’s downright hazardous to your health. Especially when occasional bouts of constipation become chronic. Left untreated, constipation can eventually lead to appendicitis, bad breath, body odor, depression, diverticulitis, fatigue, gas, headaches, hemorrhoids (piles), indigestion, insomnia, malabsorption syndrome, obesity and varicose veins. It may even be involved in the development of serious diseases such as colon cancer. About 80 percent of all Americans suffer from constipation at some point in their lives.

More than 2.5 million Americans seek medical treatment for it every year. In fact, it’s the most common complaint patients have about their digestive system. Doctors regularly prescribe a host of medications that aren t always effective and can actually be harmful. It is absolutely essential for the bowels to move daily and regularly. Why? Think of your colon as a holding tank for waste matter.

This waste should be removed within eighteen to twenty-four hours. Any remaining for longer then this waste It can produce harmful antigens and toxins from undigested food and bacteria which can lead to chronic gas, bloating, migraines, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis. What Causes Constipation? In most cases, constipation wherewithal from dietary factors such as insufficient fiber and fluid intake and from the heavy consumption of sugars, highly processed foods and meats. Constipation can also be caused by certain supplements and medications such as iron, painkiller and certain antidepressants. Physiological problems such as diabetes, kidney failure, metabolic disturbance, low thyroid or high calcium levels can also lead to constipation. Maillot LYON Other physiological causes include muscle disorders, structural abnormalities, bowel diseases, accelerated aging and neurogenic disorders. It is also common during pregnancy. In older individuals, constipation is usually caused by dehydration, a common problem among the elderly. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. With people of any age, depression and stress can also be a trigger for constipation.

Well Common And Power

WELL common and power by Ricardo San Esteban theme is not now. Two thousand years Thrasymachus and Callicles argued about what might just be the political regime. Both agreed on one thing: would be one who recognizes and preserves the original inequality among men. The discrepancy was assumed that to Thrasymachus such preservation of inequality could be under any form of Government, whereas for Callicles this would only be possible through tyranny. As you know, replied Plato, who said that justice is equal, and that to achieve this it practice virtue or lead a virtuous life. Therefore, the objective of the politician not addressed to his lust for power or pleonexia.

He transcended his lust for power plagued by violence and injustice, for – as preached by Socrates – achieve the perfection of the citizens in proportion or ratio. The power was – Plato dixit – a good, since it represented the order that tended to make real that which was considered just is this so? Power in the abstract can never be scanned is clear that it is always exercised by a group of society, and hardly shop at the common good but that it is better, responds to the good of the group that wields it. It may at first appear, Yes, as something above the sectoral interests but asserted once you’ll see that it is far from being so. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Amazon. The mighty or the powerful shift to act, in a certain sense, faced with the rest of society and to retain that power, objectively must exercise a covert or open coercion and above all today – one of the main sustentoa will be the legitimizing speech. The citizen today is somewhat puzzled, after reading a story to Helmut Dubiel, about lying as a way of doing politics. It is disappointing, pere says nothing new. The power struggle is, from the behaviour of the microparticles in physics and continuing with the conduct human, a struggle for the possession of energy and mass.

Political Low Pseudonym

Dear, Torrealver, step response to culture section because, even if I start with fragments of politics, what precedes is local and intellectual culture in general, of which I wish to speak and I encourage that you do not decaigas. I know you also, that new generations, and will of the people, in the future and not distant, thank you, very much. Personally had the pleasure of reading the narraciones-ensayo of history to which you refer in 1903: Mr Miguel: Brothers grandson, and I assure you they left deep impression on me short understanding. My mind since then, blanket feel of a local history, enjoyable, entertaining and traits of historical rawness. Traits that beyond reality or fiction, ranging from the humble appearance in working person, the star Virgin: in one such Juan de Sabiote – who pointed in an article romero and more than three: Although three are known by me, they are angry with me and decried me article. The Virgin appeared between shine and lumps that lifted the apero-it is very possible that enclose something fantasy: to enhance it as a divinity, perhaps outside an image hidden to preserve the Moors-, and came out in the footsteps of the Mule and labrador to me, however, that story me out of virtuality and me moved to the my people, an active member of the w-andalus Moorish occupation, between 711 (date of conquest by force and 1226 (date of mora-local expulsion by Christian Reconquest, also to the gross. In the aforementioned work of Nieto: the Nieto brothers, we can see the cruelty of the authority of the turban in the ignoble tarnishing of the young girl for being beautiful and graceful received carnal outrage and disgrace: as Nieto was the daughter of a peasant, labrador, arriero, Reaper, lumberjack a worker in the town of Navas de San Juan that suffered from the need togastronomy in mouth and face of others he saw and suffered from pain, impotence, humiliation and punishment by imprisonment – in harem – of What was yours, respected and most wanted in their small world: he recovered it and satisfied of joy and enthusiasm with the escape of the Arabs, allegedly through the mines of the hondillo today, instead, I’ve read, very carefully, the answer you give to mine: on the legacy of local history and its importance to the citizens of tomorrow – that I transfer to political referencelocal and coexistence or survival in general-.

Nicaragua Pantheon

Us it is no surprise, that constantly meetings, assemblies, summits, meetings, is give organized by an interest in where countries that want to achieve for your benefit and the countries involved are involved. Sen. Sherrod Brown may not feel the same. Just after the Summit of the Forum Social in Belem, Brazil, just install the IV extraordinary Assembly of the Alba Caracas, precisely, when he is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Bolivarian revolution day which Teniente coronel Hugo Chavez has declared it a holiday. Statement that has given rise to serious protests, especially by the opposition. The fact, that before installed the Assembly, the President of the Republic, Hugo Chavez Frias, and their counterparts from the Bolivarian alternative for the peoples of our America (Alba) paid tribute at the National Pantheon to the liberator Simon Bolivar, as part of the events planned by the tenth anniversary of the Bolivarian revolution. The head of State arrived to the Pantheon, accompanied by Presidents Evo Morales (Bolivia), Manuel Zelaya (Honduras), Daniel Ortega (Nicaragua), Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, and the first Cuban Vice President, Jose Ramon Machado Ventura. Also, gathered representatives of national Governments, Ministers of the Executive Cabinet, the Vice-President of the Republic, Ramon Carrizales, among other authorities. In addition to citizens and citizens who support government management that were present on the outskirts of the Pantheon, in order to welcome the Presidents. In paying tribute to the liberator Simon Bolivar, the head of State stressed that the only way in which irons and steels swords become steel for plows, for food and for life in socialism. Precisely in the celebration of this day, Chavez, wanted to share it with the members of the Alba and give way to new agreements favouring the food problem, the creation of a great company Nationally, rather than transnational and they have called, term which was born during a trip to Nicaragua, in the path of a highway along with President Daniel Ortega, who agreed to give him that name, company that processed food and benefit of the Alba countries, as well as reaffirm the operability of the Alba Bank.

An Unexpected Journey

It will be Benedict Cumberbatch, actor protagonist in the miniseries Sherlock. His partner in the series, Luke Evans, will be Bard. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be released on December 14, 2012. Smaug has already voice. It will be Benedict Cumberbatch, actor protagonist of the successful miniseries Sherlock, who will give voice to the mythical dragon Smaug in the Hobbit, prequel to the Lord of the rings that Peter Jackson directs. Already weeks ago that Martin Freeman, the man who will play the young Bilbo Baggins, warned that his mate allocation in Sherlock (where Freeman gives life to Watson and Holmes Cumberbatch) could join crew in New Zealand. Now their presence is confirmed and double-entry.

And is that in addition to voice and gesture through the technique of capturing the movement, the evil dragon Smaug that custody treasure in the Lonely Mountain who snatched the dwarves. In addition, Cumberbatch will also voice Necromancer (necromancer), the sorcerer who wandered by the Black Forest and later will discover that it is the Dark Lord, Sauron, to which the White Council, led by Saruman then ejects to Mordor. Luke Evans will be Bard but Cumberbatch is not the only signing that Peter Jackson has closed in the past. Also joins the cast Luke Evans, who already it has appeared in tapes of adventure as Robin Hood or clash of the Titans, and that soon we will see in the new version of the three Musketeers embodying Aramis. In Tolkien’s prequel will give life to Bard, the legendary and accurate Archer of Esgaroth, the city of the Lake. Evans and Cumberbatch had thus joined a cast headed by Martin Freeman, Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Ian McKellen, Michael Fassbender and Andy Serkis. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be released on December 14, 2012 while the second installment, The Hobbit: There and Back Again will reach screens on December 13, 2013.

Fernando Alonso

The Spaniard failed to get on the podium in the Grand Prix of Singapore. Frequently Ohio Senator has said that publicly. Button finished in second position ahead of Webber. Indicates the difficult situation in track with tyre degradation. The Spanish Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), fourth in the Grand Prix of Singapore, said after the race that this position is what could be today. I went very well and I could recover some position. And I even had the option to overcome in the snatch a Button then I had a little degradation (tires), especially at the beginning of the race, said Alonso, for the first time outside the podium in Singapore. The truth is that we were going slower, and sooner or later us advances.

Fourth place is what could be today, said the Spanish champion. Alonso explained that without the incident between the British Lewis Hamilton and Brazilian Felipe Massa could have finished fifth. Needs to be improved for the next race, said Alonso, he pointed out that besides the output of the safety car did not help. We had six seconds margin over Webber, but after the exit of the safety car us stuck and upon resumption of us stepped forward, said Alonso, whom also harmed the bent. Some have more difficulties to have concentrated on the car head, said Alonso on the bent. Alonso would have liked to have finished on the podium again: it is always nice to be on top, with champagne, with one trophy at home. We have been quick throughout the weekend, and not even in the race, he concluded. Source of the news: Fernando Alonso: “the fourth position is what could be today”


Congress has held this Monday a tribute to victims of terrorism. Several associations of victims of terrorism have failed in this Act in protest by Bildu entry in the institutions of the Basque country and Navarra. You may want to visit Amazon to increase your knowledge. An indifferent society with terrorists is sick, said Bono. The President of the Congress of Deputies, Jose Bono, has called this Monday those who have command in the police forces prevent with firmness, decisiveness and legality that killers are cheered at town halls and the streets to get dirty with pictures of terrorists. Bono has denounced the situation that exists in many Basque towns in tribute to the victims of terrorism held in the Chamber of the Congress of Deputies, in the presence of the Minister of the Interior, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, and the Minister of Interior of the Basque Government, Rodolfo Ares. Several associations of victims of terrorism have failed in this Act in protest by Bildu entering institutions of the Basque country and Navarre, though Bono has wanted to thank the presence of which Yes have flocked to the margin of electoral and partisan differences. There can be no warmth with the terrorists. A benign or indifferent society with terrorists and their dnsores is a sick society, has assured the President of the Congress.

The Act have attended most of the members of the Government with the President of the executive head, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero; the leaders of the parliamentary groups, the Chairmen of the State high institutions and members of the State security bodies and forces, as well as victims of terrorism. 1,382 victims in his speech, preceded by the words of the President of the Senate, Javier Rojo, and the anthem of Spain, Jose Bono reminded 1,382 people who have died at the hands of the terrorists in a little more than half a century, representing the permanent memory of an obligation: put an end to terror. For its part, red, which also pointed to the two soldiers who died last weekend in a bombing in Afghanistan, has thanked the victims resist the temptation of revenge, an example that exalts Spain as a country for representing values of plurality and freedom. For this reason, it has appealed to the memory of the victims of terrorism as an obligation that allows that no one forget the Pack of hounds loose, just with illusions and that destroys lives. After the speeches, all attendees placed on foot have kept a minute of silence, which was followed by the interpretation of a musical piece, the long second movement of the Concerto for oboe and strings in b flat major by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. Source of the news: Jose Bono requires firmness so that the murderers are not cheered in the streets or city councils


Phases of mediation in General, as they point out studies on mediation, we can distinguish five stages in the process of mediation: 1. identification of the problem: stakeholders recognize the existence of the conflict and their willingness to resolve it. Both it is necessary to understand that the problem affects both and need to negotiate; without this, the mediation would not be possible. 2. Election of mediation to resolve the conflict: the most widespread form of establish the conditions of a separation or divorce is the litigious route through a legal representative, who, when possible, is in charge of negotiating with the couple to attend. When choosing one way or another, they must have clear that mediation is complementary to the contentious road and posed, in any way, relinquish it and that the choice of this route does not renounce his legal adviser. The choice of the mediator should be shared.

In Spain, the offer It is still small, but they begin to have public services throughout the territory and private practitioners begin to offer their services. The mediator explains to parties the characteristics of the process (duration, fee, role of external advisors, etc), rules to follow (respect, role of the mediator, confidentiality, etc), the parties define their objectives and asked your express waiver to claim the testimony of the mediator before the courts. All this is contained in a document to sign all three and of which a copy is given to each. 3. Identification of the problem: it’s a compilation of the parties, in the presence of the other; Thus they know definition making the other of the conflict, as well as its content. The mediator, using appropriate techniques, directs the process and monitors that I will not occur loss of control which could give rise to a dynamic threats and contraamenazas, attending any imbalances between the parties. It is obtain a shared narrative of the conflict, which, the mediator helps them remember What are the issues that they want and those who do not want to negotiate and in what order. At the same time, the mediator, should care for the parties to respect the speaking time, the treatment is correct and follow their instructions.

You are invited to provide proposals and alternatives without prejudging them, not even appreciating their congruence or viability. 4 Negotiation: During the process, the parties are accepting the legitimacy of the interests of the other as a prelude to accept the solution of the conflict as a shared interest – I win, you win-which enables both cooperate in its successful conclusion. Negotiated case by case. In each of them, he is a brainsmtorming, later discarded less interesting ideas, and is elaborated and negotiated each of those accepted. 5. Drafting of the agreement: the mediator draws up the document that reflects the agreements reached, trying to use the forms of expression of the parties. It will be signed by both and the mediator, by delivering a copy to everyone. Well understood that, prior to the signing, are reminded the ability to consult with his lawyer. Finally, counsel will translate the agreement to legal terms for processing in court.

Excellent Plates Biking

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We Are Going To Do With The Auditors

ARE GOING TO DO WITH THE AUDITORS? Emilio Alberto Restrepo Baena when one is studying medicine and is doctor pichon said with his usual spicy and malicious tone while you entornaba mischievous eyebrows the unforgettable Professor Tomas Quevedo we all aspire to be surgeons, gynecologists, orthopedists, internists, pediatricians, General, medical or surgical specialists. I do not know the first saying in the middle of the race my dream or the great aspiration of my life, is to be independent medical reviewer. And is that the commentary was always a sharp and bright observer of reality, hides a great truth that bare one of the big problems of the medical audit in our midst: the lack of vocation, not responding to an unequivocal existential and academic motivation to try to carry out the road map of the utopias and hopes that one fueled their expectations when he studied the career and missed being a great specialistwilling to serve others under the precepts of the oath Hippocratic. Because it is clear, we see it in every day and suffer in the daily exercise: the vast majority of Auditors doctors are, not because so they had planned it forever, but because they could not be medical or surgical specialists because they failed the postgraduate exam, because the notes were not sufficient or because they didn’t with the resources that demand study between three and five years of full-time and full-time. This in itself is not bad. Also almost no one wants to be adult, taxi driver or watchdog and circumstances of the fate it is necessary to assume such trades and there are many people doing it with great height, competition, decorum and decency, without diminishing the profession and leaving high representation of the Guild, well, always work dignifies to humans and should not disqualify sectors falling into arbitrary generalizations for free, but our attention that in nearly all the meetings of specialists or boards of Directors of clinics or guilds or congresses and seminars in medical education, one of the recurring themes, nearly the favorite sport, is shooting to the auditor.