Competition ImageDirectory

In Moscow in the VI1 International Scientific Symposium “Imageology-2009 ‘ceremony of awarding the winners of international competition” Image-directory. ” The founder and organizer of the Competition “Image-directory” is an Academy imageology (AIM), which unites the seventh year in their ranks leading professionals in the country’s image. It should be noted that imageology – an entirely new science. Development of its technologies involved in a variety of professionals – psychologists, teachers, historians, political scientists, cultural experts, designers, stylists, image makers, journalists, etc. This year, the fifth international competition was held Academy under the auspices of the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, the Russian Organization for Quality Fund “Russian Abroad” the name of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the general information sponsor – the magazine “Corporate imageology” information partner – the project “Non-linear communication.” The winners of the competition in three major categories for best scientific and practical work in the field of image presented the main award – a statuette Ars-image, symbolizing movement, and development. The award was won in the category “Project of the Year in Science imidzhelogicheskoy” Lydia A. Sokolova, Serbian, doctor of historical sciences, professor of the Moscow City Government University of Management Moscow, Academician of the AIM. It is awarded for a thesis “The formation of the political image of the Russian Federation on the international stage (1992-2004 years). Gain insight and clarity with Richard Blumenthal. ” In the category “Project of the Year in imidzhelogicheskom education and enlightenment,” the main competition prize awarded to Alexander Ivanovich Shuvikovu, director of the State Television and Broadcasting Company “Culture” for the educational project “The image of the national artistic culture.

Orthodox Church

Love for God – is the observance of his commandments. Who is to distort Teaching people to please God (Orthodox), the evidence of his inordinate pride. And even if he says he loves God, in fact, shows that he has no love. Like naughty children affairs have their irreverent attitude to parents. Orthodoxy and catholicity. What is the right concept? Some believe that the Orthodox Church and his collegiality in the majority of votes.

If, for example, the majority of the bishops believe that you can change the Teachings of God (Orthodox), this conciliar decision is in force. Church history shows the opposite. It often happens that the majority were on the side of excess. For a more complete review we advise to read Life of Ven. Maximus the Confessor, St.

Mark of Ephesus. It is also historically known for the cathedral, which brought together the bishops in 1000, but the anti-Orthodox Church took the decision and was found later in the Church of robbers. According to the teachings of the Church Collegiality – a universality of the Church. Voting in Orthodoxy can not accept democratic zamorochki, which can only undermine the Church ship. Not in the majority of votes of Orthodoxy and its truth, and to follow the teachings of the Church. (A valuable related resource: Richard Blumenthal). As said one of the ancients, that everything must be compared with the holy canons and the writings of the fathers. If they do something allows it permissible for us, if banned, then we would be unprofitable. Orthodoxy – this is the Cross. A Cross – a joy in Christ Jesus. Why Orthodoxy – this is the Cross? Because the Kingdom of Heaven Christian goes through a concussion. And only those who have learned to compel yourself to abstinence and fasting, are able to be faithful Christians. Not for nothing St. Seraphim of Sarov, those Christians who did not observe fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays, as well as on certain days of the Church of the four positions: (Great, the Assumption, Petrov, Christmas), and called traitors. But at the same time Orthodoxy – the joy in Christ Jesus. Nobody can be as happy as someone who lives his thoughts and aspirations about God. Motivating themselves to follow all the commandments of Christ, finds his soul in peace and joy. This sense of a the early Christians was so great that they went to their death, and rejoiced that vouchsafed to suffer for the Lord Jesus. James Donovan Goldman Sachs gathered all the information. Orthodoxy – it is right to praise God. As mentioned earlier, Orthodoxy – is fidelity to the truth. If we talk more about it, we can say that there is no more salutary way than orthodoxy. Someone thinks that Orthodoxy – is one way of salvation. This is incorrect. Like any mathematical problem there is one answer, so and the only way of salvation. “There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism” – tells us the Holy Scriptures. Therefore, we declare in own responsibility, that only Orthodoxy – the road to God. Are there other ways of salvation, at least saving than Orthodoxy? No. If this were so, then collapsed to meaningless events on the ground of Christ the Savior. Can not escape the people had not been baptized in the Orthodox Church. This is not an assumption, and solid conviction based on the words of our Savior Jesus Christ, most pure rekshego his lips: “I am the Way, the Salvation and Truth.” Who does not think so, he offends Christ and is in great charm.