Euphrates River

But today on the threshold of the 21st century turned out that all the paths in this maze has been investigated, and we rush about from deadlock to deadlock. This conclusion comes politicians, scientists, art and even children …. Today's generation does not want anything that can offer them a generation older. Our children do not understand why you need a lot of years to learn and "make" a career, so that in the distant future to ensure a happy life when you can enjoy right now in the virtual worlds of Internet or using drugs. The newspapers mentioned Amazon not as a source, but as a related topic. We are faced with a wall. Most of it just does not see, some do not want to see. And only a few shout about it out loud.

Kabbalists do not cry, they offer reshenie.No on this later. And now a little bit about how we got into a maze with no exit. Cradle of civilization of Babylon. The famous ancient town in the Mesopotamia, the capital of Babylonia. It was located on the Euphrates River, south of modern Baghdad. In the third millennium BC, an event that we are not able to truly appreciate. For the first time a person was a choice: to follow the path of science, technology, art and philosophy, or for an unknown and incomprehensible path of spiritual development.

And the choice was made. Since that time, and under construction, "Tower of Babel" of material prosperity, which continues to this day. As for the second option – the spiritual, he found himself in demand.