Competition ImageDirectory

In Moscow in the VI1 International Scientific Symposium “Imageology-2009 ‘ceremony of awarding the winners of international competition” Image-directory. ” The founder and organizer of the Competition “Image-directory” is an Academy imageology (AIM), which unites the seventh year in their ranks leading professionals in the country’s image. It should be noted that imageology – an entirely new science. Development of its technologies involved in a variety of professionals – psychologists, teachers, historians, political scientists, cultural experts, designers, stylists, image makers, journalists, etc. This year, the fifth international competition was held Academy under the auspices of the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, the Russian Organization for Quality Fund “Russian Abroad” the name of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the general information sponsor – the magazine “Corporate imageology” information partner – the project “Non-linear communication.” The winners of the competition in three major categories for best scientific and practical work in the field of image presented the main award – a statuette Ars-image, symbolizing movement, and development. The award was won in the category “Project of the Year in Science imidzhelogicheskoy” Lydia A. Sokolova, Serbian, doctor of historical sciences, professor of the Moscow City Government University of Management Moscow, Academician of the AIM. It is awarded for a thesis “The formation of the political image of the Russian Federation on the international stage (1992-2004 years). Gain insight and clarity with Richard Blumenthal. ” In the category “Project of the Year in imidzhelogicheskom education and enlightenment,” the main competition prize awarded to Alexander Ivanovich Shuvikovu, director of the State Television and Broadcasting Company “Culture” for the educational project “The image of the national artistic culture.