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When Patrick Kluivert joined Barcelona, in 1998, he toured the Catalan and amazed trophy room, he asked for the European Cup for the club. Little scholar, the Dutch striker couldn’t believe is that an institution with both single echo give brightness to a trophy. And good recent, by the way, because the boat had won the first in 1992. It was at Wembley, in the Olympic year of Barcelona, and London, where courses after Iniesta achieved one of those goals that the club will rewind his life. In that Wembley, as last night, nor the first Captain lined it. 19 Years ago, Zubizarreta led the cuff in the field, but Alexanco collected the Romaine. Coincidentally, the Basque Center came out after the goal of Koeman, by Guardiola, Manager with Zubizarreta’s fourth. Johan Cruyff then asked the doorman that give witness to the central. Last night the captaincy was Xavi; final Bangle, Puyol, and Cup, Abidal, unequivocal symptom of coral dress sense, a model identity sena only that, somehow, he was born in Wembley and Wembley became incunabulum. Source of the news:: ways to win