Revolution War

The names of these people are connected tightly and Revolution War, bloodshed and destruction, but for historical science immeasurably more important than they are billions of ordinary workers, the builders, forever remaining ignorant. This is not surprising. Of all the infinite mass of knowledge about what was happening in past history develops the knowledge, store them and reproduce much more. It keeps only what is important to maintain the mobilization capacity of society to maintain a high level of human organization, to unite society in a coherent whole. Other knowledge is not important, they only ore from which the extracted important social concepts and theories. History – not just science. Rather, it concentrates much of ideology, the basis on which construct an ideological foundation of society. There is no history without ideology.

And certainly there is no history as "pure science". Giants defeated the 1980s were a strange time, mixing all in the minds of our fellow citizens in the gray indigestible mess. Ferment in the minds of polls was below the intelligentsia. In the ideological preparation of restructuring the entire history of stigmatization suffered the Soviet Union: first, Stalin's repressions, then the whole era of Stalin, then the "corn" Khrushchev decade, the stagnation and then it is all without discrimination. Any nonsense thrown into the box Yakovlev, and other ideological saboteurs inflamed consciousness of the intelligentsia seemed "a new word." And now we live in a country where there is no saint, no characters that can unite a society.