State Government

Currently, more for the tourism, being the main route of the Real Road, and also for the local population is used. It is a way that will have to suffer in the next years a great intervention on the part to the State Government, second Diamantina improving the access of the population of the existing urban nuclei throughout the road to the services offered in Diamantina. The use of this type of floor is in compliance with the proposal of the tourism for the region, therefore it promotes the access to the regions keeps certain rusticidade, which the region could leave to offer the tourist in case that asphalt in the pavement were used. Figure 01: Stretch of the old Diamantina road Serro, current Real road. Source: Alessandro Borsagli (2007) The railroad In the end of century XIX with the increasing commerce in Diamantina, then called Market of the North railroad branch that increased the development of the city, paralyzed had to the precariousnesses of the few existing ways. The main road, used has two hundred years more than, lacked of frequent maintenance because of its great use for the troops and travellers, however he was seen for the mining government with indifference, since the effective laws at the time still isentavam the government of the State to take care of of its maintenance and also it was a time where the country was having its interior cut for the Railroads promising progress and development to the places most distant. Engineer B. Garden wrote at the time in 1917 a report on the conditions of the road: The road of Diamantina Serro was constructed in the colonial times, when the old Tijuco if found dependent of the Village of the Prince and its tracing with few modifications is until today the same, defeituosssimo, if not being able to be modified without great great expenses due to topography of the zone and the constitution of the ground.