Consult A Labor Lawyer

Each of the employees of a company or factory possesses a protective principle, which is covered in rules that favor the employee when fault is incurred, i.e., optimal conditions are sought for their defence and all this can be attached to support Trade Union created in the work environment. A good group of professionals in the law would that these organizations of employees only seek to create a workspace according to each one’s needs that there develop, improve and maintain employer relations, promote and defend the interests, professional, economic and social of each of their employees. Finally, unions seek a collective well-being and have the power to gather, raise and defend situations individually. For the formation of a good Union need receive appropriate advice from a good lawyer, quienle will indicate what items, codes and other regulations, which must be based and always keep in mind when dealing with a legal case. A labor lawyer is the best figure that it must exist before the formation of a workers ‘ Union and, of course, before the decisions to take to demand their rights and to assert each of them within the work area. The functions that can be a labor lawyer include the following; the defence of the individual contract with which the employee acquires a series of benefits and responsibilities to fulfil; and you must take into account that is under this Convention figure when there is a remuneration, previously discussed and approved. Provision of services which would be carrying personal from you before a voice command or legal subordination, and the contracting company whose action is exerted by the employer or employer and thereby acquires power to require and give orders, always based on the principles and respect for the person, employee and human being as such figure. These aspects are those that a lawyer can be carried out so that you feel safe and complies with her new job.

Consult the best lawyer in his neighborhood if you want to enlarge more information about trade unions, or on the contrary if you want to know a little more close to the employment contract. Which can be contracts for time indefinite or given and depending on these conditions you is deserving of conditions and benefits that should take into account at the time of making any demand or if during his stay and fulfil their responsibilities incurred in failures that would violate conditions previously laid down in the contracts. A labor lawyer, is the specialist who can advise you on everything related to it, because mainly with the signature of certain contracts have violated the rights of many workers, since it’s fixed term agreements and in many cases these are extendable and here is the detail. According to the legal representation of a labour, these certain contracts that are extended continuously may become permanent contracts, which generate and allow you to achieve higher profits and employment stability. If it has been the victim of contract renewals and that of According to the above you happens to be a virtually fixed or permanent staff in the company or company for which works and has been dismissed by curtailing him most of their benefits we recommend visiting a good professional, here you will find legal advice in time to represent it. Original author and source of the article.

Fernando Alonso

The Spaniard failed to get on the podium in the Grand Prix of Singapore. Frequently Ohio Senator has said that publicly. Button finished in second position ahead of Webber. Indicates the difficult situation in track with tyre degradation. The Spanish Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), fourth in the Grand Prix of Singapore, said after the race that this position is what could be today. I went very well and I could recover some position. And I even had the option to overcome in the snatch a Button then I had a little degradation (tires), especially at the beginning of the race, said Alonso, for the first time outside the podium in Singapore. The truth is that we were going slower, and sooner or later us advances.

Fourth place is what could be today, said the Spanish champion. Alonso explained that without the incident between the British Lewis Hamilton and Brazilian Felipe Massa could have finished fifth. Needs to be improved for the next race, said Alonso, he pointed out that besides the output of the safety car did not help. We had six seconds margin over Webber, but after the exit of the safety car us stuck and upon resumption of us stepped forward, said Alonso, whom also harmed the bent. Some have more difficulties to have concentrated on the car head, said Alonso on the bent. Alonso would have liked to have finished on the podium again: it is always nice to be on top, with champagne, with one trophy at home. We have been quick throughout the weekend, and not even in the race, he concluded. Source of the news: Fernando Alonso: “the fourth position is what could be today”


Congress has held this Monday a tribute to victims of terrorism. Several associations of victims of terrorism have failed in this Act in protest by Bildu entry in the institutions of the Basque country and Navarra. You may want to visit Amazon to increase your knowledge. An indifferent society with terrorists is sick, said Bono. The President of the Congress of Deputies, Jose Bono, has called this Monday those who have command in the police forces prevent with firmness, decisiveness and legality that killers are cheered at town halls and the streets to get dirty with pictures of terrorists. Bono has denounced the situation that exists in many Basque towns in tribute to the victims of terrorism held in the Chamber of the Congress of Deputies, in the presence of the Minister of the Interior, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, and the Minister of Interior of the Basque Government, Rodolfo Ares. Several associations of victims of terrorism have failed in this Act in protest by Bildu entering institutions of the Basque country and Navarre, though Bono has wanted to thank the presence of which Yes have flocked to the margin of electoral and partisan differences. There can be no warmth with the terrorists. A benign or indifferent society with terrorists and their dnsores is a sick society, has assured the President of the Congress.

The Act have attended most of the members of the Government with the President of the executive head, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero; the leaders of the parliamentary groups, the Chairmen of the State high institutions and members of the State security bodies and forces, as well as victims of terrorism. 1,382 victims in his speech, preceded by the words of the President of the Senate, Javier Rojo, and the anthem of Spain, Jose Bono reminded 1,382 people who have died at the hands of the terrorists in a little more than half a century, representing the permanent memory of an obligation: put an end to terror. For its part, red, which also pointed to the two soldiers who died last weekend in a bombing in Afghanistan, has thanked the victims resist the temptation of revenge, an example that exalts Spain as a country for representing values of plurality and freedom. For this reason, it has appealed to the memory of the victims of terrorism as an obligation that allows that no one forget the Pack of hounds loose, just with illusions and that destroys lives. After the speeches, all attendees placed on foot have kept a minute of silence, which was followed by the interpretation of a musical piece, the long second movement of the Concerto for oboe and strings in b flat major by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. Source of the news: Jose Bono requires firmness so that the murderers are not cheered in the streets or city councils

South Korea

EP the arch rival of the Jamaican was injured at the U.S. trials. Gay will not participate in World Cup in South Korea in late August. Bolt believes qus rivals stronger will be among his own colleagues. Click Ohio Senator for additional related pages. The Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt, reigning Olympic, world champion and record holder in 100 and 200 meters races, has deplored the absence in the Daegu world of his main rival, Tyson Gay, although he has made it clear that it is not intended to relax because you will still be measured strong rivals. Gay, who boasts the best global brand of the year at 100 meters (9.79), was injured in the U.S. trials and was left out of the individual tests of speed of World Cup, to be played in Korea of the South on August 27 to September 4. I will not relax for nothing, I hope stronger rivals among my own teammates the Jamaican and from the Caribbean, said through a press release Bolt in Daegu dndera world sceptres who conquered in Berlin 2009. A leading source for info: Sen. Sherrod Brown. The Jamaican, automatically qualified for World Cup as defending champion, will return to competition on July 8 with a test of 200 meters in Paris. Source of the news: Usain Bolt: “Not me relajare by the absence of Tyson Gay”


Phases of mediation in General, as they point out studies on mediation, we can distinguish five stages in the process of mediation: 1. identification of the problem: stakeholders recognize the existence of the conflict and their willingness to resolve it. Both it is necessary to understand that the problem affects both and need to negotiate; without this, the mediation would not be possible. 2. Election of mediation to resolve the conflict: the most widespread form of establish the conditions of a separation or divorce is the litigious route through a legal representative, who, when possible, is in charge of negotiating with the couple to attend. When choosing one way or another, they must have clear that mediation is complementary to the contentious road and posed, in any way, relinquish it and that the choice of this route does not renounce his legal adviser. The choice of the mediator should be shared.

In Spain, the offer It is still small, but they begin to have public services throughout the territory and private practitioners begin to offer their services. The mediator explains to parties the characteristics of the process (duration, fee, role of external advisors, etc), rules to follow (respect, role of the mediator, confidentiality, etc), the parties define their objectives and asked your express waiver to claim the testimony of the mediator before the courts. All this is contained in a document to sign all three and of which a copy is given to each. 3. Identification of the problem: it’s a compilation of the parties, in the presence of the other; Thus they know definition making the other of the conflict, as well as its content. The mediator, using appropriate techniques, directs the process and monitors that I will not occur loss of control which could give rise to a dynamic threats and contraamenazas, attending any imbalances between the parties. It is obtain a shared narrative of the conflict, which, the mediator helps them remember What are the issues that they want and those who do not want to negotiate and in what order. At the same time, the mediator, should care for the parties to respect the speaking time, the treatment is correct and follow their instructions.

You are invited to provide proposals and alternatives without prejudging them, not even appreciating their congruence or viability. 4 Negotiation: During the process, the parties are accepting the legitimacy of the interests of the other as a prelude to accept the solution of the conflict as a shared interest – I win, you win-which enables both cooperate in its successful conclusion. Negotiated case by case. In each of them, he is a brainsmtorming, later discarded less interesting ideas, and is elaborated and negotiated each of those accepted. 5. Drafting of the agreement: the mediator draws up the document that reflects the agreements reached, trying to use the forms of expression of the parties. It will be signed by both and the mediator, by delivering a copy to everyone. Well understood that, prior to the signing, are reminded the ability to consult with his lawyer. Finally, counsel will translate the agreement to legal terms for processing in court.

International Atomic Energy Agency

That was the remote origin of the fall of the Shah and the Islamic revolution, which led to the current situation of confrontation with the United States. Generally speaking, the European political analysts, including the Russians, they tend to be more sensitive to the teachings of history than their United States counterparts. Hence, they believe that Obama exaggerate the Russian chances of decisive influence on Tehran. The second aspect is that the planned installation of the missile shield does not obey the interests of the defence industry of United States, that it expects substantial benefits as well as a real threat. Finally, after this is not but the continuation of a dynamic that deeply rooted during the decades of the cold war and which has been very well studied. It’s exaggerating a threat, inventing it when necessary, to force the need for new weapons, always more costly: it is the Baroque arsenal which already wrote Mary Kaldor.

Overcome these inertias will probably be more difficult for Obama to persuade Tehran to change its nuclear policy. For its part, the Iranian Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency has said that his country is willing to engage in talks with the United States, Russia, China and key European countries. He added that if these countries adopt civilized ways and share the same table of dialogue, we can break the deadlock. However, it is not easy to the meeting occur before June, when will take place in Iran presidential election in which Ahmadinejad, whose furious rhetoric against the United States be tempered somewhat if it is re-elected in Office and aims to reach an agreement with the rest of the world will participate. We can deduce that the last NATO Summit has shown a very positive development in two directions that the blindness of the Bush era had become unworkable. One is the new relationship with Russia, essential for the stability of Europe, although to some countries of the Eastern European cost them defeat their historical mistrust and express disgust. The other goes to Tehran as an interested party in the Middle East conflict, although in this case in Israel where the resistance is perceived. Another important passage in both directions may be given in you next meeting between Obama and Medvedev, which will allow knowing if Washington and Moscow begin to work in Assembly mode in some of the major problems that afflict humanity today.

Security Council

Approved the pronouncements against the blockade of Cuba United States; the Falklands conflict between Argentina and the United Kingdom; as well as another backup to Ecuador, then to its President, Rafael Correa, denounced an international body included his country on a list of Nations who wash money for terrorist purposes.Previously, involved the leaders of Cuba, Raul Castro; of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias; as well as of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva. Brazil criticized the UN because their integration to the bosom of This body only responds to the interests of the members of the Security Council, and that do not pay to solve conflicts like the Argentina-Reino Unido.Sin however, the Brazilian spoke sharply against the military in Honduras, because he said that they can not decide what Presidents are left or not in power in Latin America. Amazon brings even more insight to the discussion. We cannot accept nor in jest that this experience of military juntas of Honduras prevail in other countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, because soon they resolve to understand that any of us is more and therefore we stray so they put the order. Then the order of Honduras is to complete its mandate, convene the electoral process, having passed the mandate so that it would have been democratically elected. I think that our behavior is occasionally criticized, but I am convinced that the conduct of the Group of Rio and the OAS was the most fair and democratic, added the President of Brazil.

National Council

The force of Catalonia in CiU Madrid focus his campaign on the equidistance between PP and PSOE and using another of their recurring arguments: that is the only party that has sufficient strength to dnder the interests of Catalonia in Madrid: the popular wish to introduce how next to Rajoy as next to Zapatero and the other CiU. Fortunately, neither the one nor the other are right, he has remembered this Friday last in its carta-web to the militancy of UDC. Another big bet of the nationalist Federation is negotiating with the next Government, the PSOE or PP, an economic agreement for Cataluna. Among the unknowns of the elections, is whether cutbacks in social services can take its toll to CiU, which did not happen in the municipal of two months ago in which the Federation conquered for the first time Socialist fiefs hitherto impregnable, as the Barcelona Provincial Council or councils of Barcelona and Girona. The incognito of the ERC Republicans maintained its forecast to choose its candidate for the general elections on September 3 in National Council, September 17 you will choose their leader through primary and on the first weekend of week, will make its Congress.

The main unknown factor in Republicans is who will be their candidate: WINS adherents the option that Joan Ridao cease to be so, and among the names being considered to replace him, Ferran Requejo Professor and writer Alfred Bosch. In fact, also has a similar profile (of an intellectual marked sovereign profile and away from partisan battles) Oriol Junqueras, which starts as favorite in primaries to lead ERC, process that the Party aims to end internal tensions and electoral debacle that began in the latest General, when ERC spent eight members in 2004 to three. Expansion of the catalan PP the PPC should choose candidate, responsibility in 2004 and 2008 Dolors Nadal, ranked and its main challenge is to be the surprise of the elections, once in the Catalan you would record with 18 deputies and in the municipal conquered for the first time large municipalities such as Castelldls and Badalona, which hoped to present itself as a party of Government in Catalonia. The disenchanted by his party, ICV-EUiA will be presented with will capture of left-wing voters disenchanted with the right turn which has made the PSOE with their policies against the crisis, and its leader, Joan Herrera, has already confirmed that they will elect its candidate by primary. Initiative reeditara his coalition with EUiA, l of IU in Catalonia, aside that there is agreement across the State between United Left and ecologist parties. Source of the news: the electoral advancement requires Catalan parties to activate its machinery this summer

Freire Knowledge

The cultural action for the freedom if characterizes for dilogoe its purpose is to acquire knowledge the masses, already the cultural action for dominaose opposes to the dialogue and serves stops to domesticate them. On this it affirms Freire (2005) the basic paper of that they are compromised in aocultural for the awareness is not properly to speak on as to construct liberating aidia, but to invite the men to catch with its spirit verdadede its proper reality …. (FREIRE, 2005, P. 105) In this direction, the awareness concept fits the idea desuperao and construction of the education as practical of the freedom. Freire (2005) considers that the awareness is not one varinha magical for osrevolucionrios, but a dimension of base for its reflexiva action.

If the homensno was entities conscientious, capable to act and to perceive, to know to ecriar; if they were not conscientious of itself same and of the world, the idea deconscientizao would not have no direction and would the same happen with the idea derevoluo. Revolutions are undertaken to free the men, precisamenteporque the men can know that they are oppressed and to be conscientious of the realidadeopressora in which they live. (FREIRE, 2005, P. 108) In the educative process, the knowledge cannot serconsiderado as absolute truth, in it the educator must be intent to emelaborar a theory of knowledge from the interest of the oppressed ones, deformed that it allows them to reelaborar and to rearrange its proper knowledge to eapropriar itself, from there of other people’s knowledge. Leaving of the directive paper of the educator, Gadotti (1989, p.73) characterizes the liberating directive educator and the diretivodomesticador educator as two opposing types of directive educator: The domesticador directive educator not humaniza, masdesumaniza; he domesticates the educandos through the passive reception of packed umconhecimento, not stimulating them to think, to reflect on suarealidade, only domesticates.

The Button

I assure you in one of them, press the button on the roof, and the elevator shoots like a rocket to the Moon, and in less than five seconds I get to my destination. Already with Jaibe beside me, explain you what is my solution to this new problem of identity of our friend Jaibe. We sat in the room of his apartment as I told them is on the roof of this building modern recontra. Before explaining what I have in mind I ask you a favor: do you could ask for chicken to grilled,? CHIFA and pizza, chopping a little, because I am inapetente; while I tell what I have in mind for this matter? Jaibe makes a few calls and I am preparing to show him something. I put hand to the right pocket of my trousers and sack a cuff and tell him: do you see this?, is one of a pair of bracelets that have given me a few extraterrestrial friends I have. Fijate bien lo que va a pasar I wear the bracelet, he pressed a button of the same, and then me vuelvo invisible. Jaibe, do I hear? Jaibe is impressed and says to me: if I hear you but you can’t see, what’s happening? Me these scaring don’t panic, all is well. With this bracelet go without that we see in all the television channels, where are your old videos, in which you’re in political programs, like a true political analyst, and robaremos them Jaibe already more quiet me says: that good, then then spend them in my program, so that all those young people who believe that I only speak of showbiz, know that I from chiquito wanted to be President. What good, then I say: well you already understand, now again pressed the button, I turn visible, and are going to eat that I’m dying of hunger went to television channels where they were ancient Jaibe videos.