The Button

I assure you in one of them, press the button on the roof, and the elevator shoots like a rocket to the Moon, and in less than five seconds I get to my destination. Already with Jaibe beside me, explain you what is my solution to this new problem of identity of our friend Jaibe. We sat in the room of his apartment as I told them is on the roof of this building modern recontra. Before explaining what I have in mind I ask you a favor: do you could ask for chicken to grilled,? CHIFA and pizza, chopping a little, because I am inapetente; while I tell what I have in mind for this matter? Jaibe makes a few calls and I am preparing to show him something. I put hand to the right pocket of my trousers and sack a cuff and tell him: do you see this?, is one of a pair of bracelets that have given me a few extraterrestrial friends I have. Fijate bien lo que va a pasar I wear the bracelet, he pressed a button of the same, and then me vuelvo invisible. Jaibe, do I hear? Jaibe is impressed and says to me: if I hear you but you can’t see, what’s happening? Me these scaring don’t panic, all is well. With this bracelet go without that we see in all the television channels, where are your old videos, in which you’re in political programs, like a true political analyst, and robaremos them Jaibe already more quiet me says: that good, then then spend them in my program, so that all those young people who believe that I only speak of showbiz, know that I from chiquito wanted to be President. What good, then I say: well you already understand, now again pressed the button, I turn visible, and are going to eat that I’m dying of hunger went to television channels where they were ancient Jaibe videos.