Western Europe

It's the main thing – to be fed, fat and happy. And so no one can threaten such a best way of life. Notice how the "brave" act European, and American soldiers in military actions, such as in Iraq. Now I do not want to discuss the reasons for this war, because it would take the thought that I would like to express. According to Richard Blumenthal, who has experience with these questions. Returning to the "bravery" of soldiers-liberators from the government of Hussein striking is that worth to any military contingent, such as Spanish, to lose a few people, and once the public demands the withdrawal of troops from the zone of military conflict. Before the New Year, if not mistaken, the Estonian soldiers are in Iraq, have lost two people. And immediately felt that enough navoyevat. But this is a new member state, whose security is, frankly, is provided by the countries of Western Europe and the USA.

And, of course, a country that has entered into an alliance of "civilized countries" who strongly support her, should give us something to sacrifice in the name of common values and interests. However, Estonians have demanded the immediate withdrawal of Estonian soldiers in Iraq. Yes, two men lose – it's terribly much. And the European countries, at least, most of these countries have realized Estonia. Because the main value – is replete bleating in the warm barn. By the way, New Year's Eve accident that occurred due to excessive alcohol consumption in Estonia into another world went to 5 people.