“ARF” Promises A Complete Change Of Government

From October 22 to the internal situation in Armenia has demonstrated a tendency to a possible further deterioration. A number of forces that have taken in opposition to the current government, again drew attention to the threats of the republic, implicit in the signed on October 10 the Turkish-Armenian protocols. October 21, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu presented these documents to the parliament of his country. In short, the Turkish minister reiterated Armenian public's worst fears: these three preconditions, which Ankara situation explained in the 18 years the question of establishing diplomatic relations with Yerevan normal, according to the Turkish version shall remain in force. That there is – and genocide denial, and Ankara's intention to continue to link normalization of relations with Armenia to Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement process. Instead, the authorities began to act with comments opposition parties. Thus, Chairman of the National neoconservative movement (NPD), one of the leaders of the Analytical Center "Mitq" ("Thought"), Eduard Abrahamyan, sure, referring to the preconditions that Turkey has brought about Artsakh Armenia now has to start the process for the recognition of the NKR in its present borders, cooperating with both members of the UN, so with its partners in the CSTO. But the main threat sounded all the same figures of the Party "Faction." At first Giro Manoyan suggested that Turkey is unlikely to ratify the Protocols to the April 24, 2010 He further stated that the Armenian diplomacy should by all means notify the international community that Armenia does not question the fact Armenian genocide and it will continue its process of international recognition.