John Mwangangi – The Only 19-year-old Wins All Swiss Road Races!

SPIRA Swiss currently extraordinarily pleased John Mwangangi’s sensational success in his SPIRA Stinger competition shoes the super-athlete John Mwangangi, born on the 1.11.1990 in Kenya runs peak 2009 one time to time and is supported by SPIRA SWISS; He enters Spira Stinger and hopes to launch sites in the main still running classics in the Switzerland for a successful conclusion of a sensational season. Fact sheet: residing Machakos / Kenya size born 1.11.1990 157cm, weight: 50 kg bests: 10,000 meters in 29:20 min (Nairobi, 2008) 5000m in 13:32 min (Mauritius, African Junior Championships 2009) most important international triumphs Luxembourg, half marathon, 1:00:36 (1st place) African Junior Championships in Mauritius August 2009, (2nd) achievements in the Switzerland: Grand Prix Bern 2009, 10 miles 47:41 (1st place) 20 km de Lausanne 2009; with the new track record of 1:00:29 (1st place) Greifenseelauf 2008; Greifenseelauf 2009, 13.1 miles in 1:05:42 (1st place) Morat 2008; Morat 2009, 11.0 miles in 52:37:3 (1st place) lock barrel Rapperswil-Jona, 9 km in 26:36:6 (1st place) recent successes SPIRA Swiss currently extremely pleased in the sensational success of John Mwangangi in his SPIRA Stinger competition shoes. The born on November 1, 1990, and from Kenya, super-athlete 2009 runs peak in the Switzerland of one to the other time. Already at the beginning of promising cooperation with John Mwanangi he wins the category M20 and the men overall to the great and popular Grand Prix of Berne on the 18.4.2009 in SPIRA Stinger shoes. \”After this victory and just a week later, he is in turn trumps with a victory and at the same time, a record among 17 ‘ 045 participants awarded occupied 20 km de Lausanne\” on: John Mwangangi wins the main category of H20 men by a margin of 61 seconds on the runners up in fabulous 1:00:29 on SPIRA Stinger and thus the new course record. .

Eastern European Health Care Workers

ihrepflege.EU provides nationwide low-cost full-day care by Eastern European health care workers. In addition to hauswirtschaftlicher and basic care offers also a 24-hour service for seniors and people with disabled derung. Thus, allows for the first time legal all-round support in Germany at a fair price. With the range of is the 24-hour care for everyone schwinglich become. The mediated by Service staff who live in the household to supervising and take over the domestic supply (such as shopping, Cook, washing, ironing, cleaning). They help in the daily body care, assist in the mobilization of needy seniors and provide assistance in medical and hairdressing and agency visits. Emergency care is threatening: according to the Federal Office of statistics about five million auxiliary and elderly people live until 2020 more than 2.83 million elderly in Germany, about two million of them are Benefits from the long-term care insurance. Please visit michael kirban if you seek more information. By 2020, the number will grow to about 2.83 million.

At the same time, fewer and fewer families able to take over the home care see. Therefore constantly increasing demand for professional caregivers, but few can afford to pay up to 7.000,–euros a month for the service of German nurses. While the majority of seniors wants to be able to stay even with growing need for care in a familiar environment. According to a survey on the elderly care monitor (APM) 2005, 50 percent of respondents indicated that the desire for a self-determined life for them were “very important”. 70 percent thought – the care was too expensive. Also, every fifth respondent had no arguments against the employment of foreign workers in the care.

The question – whether they could imagine, to be supervised by foreign legal assistants – already answered 70 percent “Yes”. Round the clock care legally sets for a to get assistance through Eastern European nurses in Germany from the illegality. Therefore, invariably gives staff, which is in possession of a valid certificate of E-101. The E-101 is recognized by the German customs as evidence that pays the employer taxes and social security contributions for the support of forces in their homeland. ihrepflege.EU pays attention also to the contractual stipulation in the statutory working hours. All support forces – mediated by are highly motivated, have first knowledge of German and a basic training in first aid. The fee for the 24-hour care is between 1.400,-EUR and 1.900,-EUR including VAT per month and depends on the desired knowledge and qualifications, as well as the individual support effort. To come stay and meals. Travel expenses amounting to 100,–euro (per quarter l) are taken over by the contracting authority. ihrepflege.EU only calculated Service fee amounting to 490,-euro once per year (gross) for mediation and advice. For more information online on our website: agency (Germany) was founded end of 2005 by Ms. Tatjana Baydina as a German subsidiary. ihrepflege.EU has specialized in providing legal care and support forces from Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania). ihrepflege.EU works with a network of Eastern European co – operation partners. Provides will only support forces Deutschkennt-nissen and valid E101 certificate with an EU health insurance card. Press contact Mrs Tatjana Baydina agency ihrepflege.

European Central Bank

I consider it essential that Italy confirm and achieve economic consolidation targets. Ohio Senator usually is spot on. The ECB cannot substitute for Governments. They are words that Jean-Claude Trichet, President of the European Central Bank, delivered this Saturday at the Ambrosetti Forum, that each year, in early September, it brings together in Cernobbio flower and the cream of the world economy. In the placid town on the shore of Lake Como, North of Milan, it was the day of Trichet. The French banker is approaching the end of its mandate (in November, the reins of the ECB will leave Italian Mario Draghi, current director of the Bank of Italy) and is less cautious than usual. His speech sounded like a warning thrown to Rome. The direction came loud and clear: Italy gives sample of wanting to achieve balance in its budget in 2013, putting up immediate and resolute, measures or the ECB could tire of helping their Government securities in the market. Source of the news:: Trichet warned Italy that it must already comply its adjustment plan.

Electoral Law

Maria Salgado 20 m, Marta Bac 20 m do not intend to leave the camp after Sunday’s election. They seek to change the electoral law, that basic rights have greater attention and the abolition of discriminatory laws. They summon a manifestation for the day of reflection on Saturday. In Barcelona, more than a thousand people remain in plaza Catalunya. The protests and the vote for the next 22-M. LIST: The best slogans VIDEOS of the mobilizations. In the Puerta del Sol still assemblies of persons belonging to the 15-M movement to decide the present and future of the protest in the central Madrid plaza.

After enduring a whole night of rain, concentrates held a first meeting at 1215 hours on Thursday which had voice all commissions. In this meeting was decided that the concentration will remain indefinitely and will not cease after the municipal and regional elections next Sunday. During the Assembly, the campers wanted to thank all of the food and aid received, although they wanted to make it clear that it is not of any bottle or celebration and that people not go there to have fun. After almost an hour of sharing of ideas, settled the three basic points of his proposal: change the electoral law, that basic rights to have more attention and abolishing laws deemed discriminatory. Already six in the evening, he began a new Assembly in which protesters requests was summarized. In the social sphere, they ask for the right to decent housing, amparo to the homeless, the recovery of historical memory, reform of the Aliens Act and promote public transport. In culture and education, they want to repeal the Bologna process and the LOGSE, remove the law Sinde and a public, free, secular, and bilingual education. In the political field, insist on reforming the electoral law with open lists, a democracy more participative with rrendum, establish the Republic and repealing the law on parties.

The Mayor

More secrets also exit the Vatican for the first time a letter from silk written by the Chinese Empress Wang, who converted to Catholicism He adopted the name of Elena, Pope Inocencio x (1650). Wang advises the Pontiff that thanks to the preaching of the Jesuits has embraced the Catholic faith along with his son Yongli, baptized as Constantine. Bull of the dismissal of Federico II (1245), the first paper on dismissal of an emperor by a Pope (innocent IV) will also form part of the sample, as well as some documents due to the second world war. Interviews if they will be on Pope Pius XII, who played lead the Church in that turbulent period, Pagano said that no documentation on that papacy is still secret and that opens within three or four years, prior to clarify that you it’s four or five photographs on the barbarism committed by men, such as deaths of children and families and Nazi concentration camps. To avoid damaging the light not to some documents, will be placed in special polls, with temperature control and low light.

The Mayor of Rome highlighted the importance of the exhibition and said that you because to the value of the documents it is possible that this is the first and only time that leaving the Vatican ends. The Vatican Secret Archives, the largest and most international in the world, preserves documents of twelve centuries, spread over 85 miles of shelves in its vast deposits. The exhibition will be open from February to September 2012. Source of the news: the Vatican brings to light one hundred of its greatest secrets