European Values

These, on the other hand, separated in artificial way pertaining human groups to the same tribes, falantes of the same dialects and practitioners of the same customs and submitted them, on the other hand, to the influence of European values. Amazon follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. On the Congress of Berlin Moraes (1996) it says: From the moment that the African continent could not more supply slaves, interest of the powers colonies inclined for its territorial occupation. this was given for two reasons, the first one of them is that they ambicionavam to explore the wealth African, mineral and agricultural, existing in hinterland, until then partially only known. As it had the imperialista competition each bigger time between them, especially after the celebration of the unification of Germany, occured in 1871. For times was arrived to occupy it extensive desert-like regions, as it made it to France in the Saara (calling it equatorial France), only for does not leave them for the adversary. In many of these new countries, after independence, had inevitable separatistas revolts and coup d etat that had finished for restoring dictatorships. Following capitalist or socialist lines of direction, the thus consisting governments always distinguished for the persecution politics, that arrived to culminate in tortures and slaughters of the opponents. To a large extent of the cases, independence politics was not total, therefore generally the new countries had kept economic bows with the former-metropolises and, during the Cold War, some had leagued the great powers to it (United States and Soviet dead person Union) in search of military and economic assistance.

Of everything this results the existence of many focos of conflict in the continent. In some cases politician is about character fights: groups that they intend to conquer the power if collate with that they withhold the domain of the region. In others, the main reason is the separatism, originated for the artificialidade of the inherited colonial borders.