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The closer a person is, the more I have the degree of influence psychologically. I saw a man. People working with people. I have an employee pick up the night. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Connecticut Senator. If it works for me, I know who will come at night and who is not come. Who enabled mobile phone, and someone off. And when I'll be in the clouds to soar, to whom am I going to affect? "I've just bought a new Ekschendzh, and I offer cloud services.

Where am I Dan Ekschenzh? And what we have already paid money? The owner will say: Give your warranty. If you do not give guarantees, then the director would not let the clouds. If I give a guarantee, it will give her. And if something happens, then I will tear. Interesting phrase: And there are precedents for the return of the clouds? From there, nobody not coming back! :))) It should be noted that the most lively, the participants reacted to the "live" reports, which was told in simple language problems, and little was said about the technical aspects of solutions to these problems. AND Conversely, a narrowly specific, technical reports did not cause much excitement among the audience. Slightly different views of business owners and salaried directors – the owners are more focused on the development prospects business as a whole and we can say that they are half a step ahead of the managing personnel. Cultural Program of the Eighth Congress of Ukrainian IT Directors include the traditional beer party to win prizes from sponsors and partners of the Congress, a mini tournament for Russian billiards, socializing colleagues and old friends in a relaxed, informal atmosphere and a steam bath, contributed to this communication.

Summing up the Congress, its leader, Vladimir Buzmakov thanked the participants, partners and sponsors for their active and fruitful work stopped on the plans for the Community this year, expressed confidence in the support of members of Congress and their active work on realization of new ventures Community. Organizers of the Congress: The company "supremum", NGO "Community of CIOs Ukraine Strategic Partners: 1C Company, Inc." Information Technology "Official partner: The company SI BIS At Support: Company SoftPoint "Company" 1C: Accounting and Trade (ICE), the Company Terrasoft, company KSIKOM SERVICE, 1S-Bitrix, Company "Adamant Media Partners: The magazine" IT manager ", Journal of" ITM. Information Technology for management ", Journal of IT-partner", Journal of Wireless Reference: Ukrainian NGO 'community Ukrainian IT Directors' – a public organization that unites the IT professionals who successfully combine an understanding business and ownership of information technology. Community activities aimed at increasing their own viability, organizing processes of communication, education, education in the IT field. Community Projects – 'The program MBI', 'Experienced IT Director' 'IT University'. Annually, there are Congress and the Autumn meeting of the Community, published by 'Newsletter', has 17 regional cells.