Therefore, the artist who represents will not be slowed by the inertia never aesthetics, since his work is fed by the continuing evolution of man and history. His work will be infiltrated with and in the spirit of the people and has no other horizon to commit historical, social and ethical collective destiny. The artist can not feel comfortable either in this or any other world. For any type of structure will resist the satisfaction of his imagination and his dreams. So he should know, suffer, enjoy the world as it is, to learn, suffer and enjoy your own search result: a creative world. The conviction and determination to face market barriers, is fundamental tools human passion and beauty. Beauty is then a matter of commitment and intellectual honesty. It melts when aesthetics and ethics is identified.

The artist must consider his way and his search, the presence of a society that consumes telenovelas, jeans and chewing gum. The new point of departure must be stated in objective observation of social reality, based on signals emanating from the people as a whole. Caring carefully, not to replace the old elite by a new one. Create a current that exceeds the release in a strictly political. Otherwise risks go into a nostalgic art, in a split between modern life and art, which means the danger of falling into a new alienation. Roque Dalton said in a paper entitled: "The intellectuals and society." … most can not read, let alone newspapers, but the signs indicate that it is forbidden to continue the way because there begins another private property.