Specialized Music

New band of the ‘library media business’ appeared which claims are reasonable compared to a label? What must artists and organizers agree contractually? What should you look for in a management contract? -Legal issues like this are unclear, they complicate the collaboration of musicians, broadcasters, agencies, publishers and record labels. Dr. Ralf Kitzberger, lawyer and speaker of the ebam Academy, demonstrates in his new book of music law”the basis for legal transactions in the music industry. Early January is the fourth novel of the media business library”in cooperation between the ebam Academy and the music market, publishing house appeared. Introducing Dr. Kamel clarifies legal basics such as contract law for musicians, copyright law and trademark law.

In the next chapter of music groups and law”, he explains the relevant musicians society form of the GbR and fundamental elements of the Treaty. Also contracts in the live business such as artist agencies, agencies, tour directorates, managers as well as concert and tour organizers lit the new ebam media business library “band in detail. Dedicated to an extensive chapter is the theme Kunstlerexklusiv-and tape transfer agreement”. In addition, the book treats the contracts with music publishers. The essential areas of collecting societies”and artists social welfare fund” close it.

“According to the ebam motto from practice for practice” Kitz Bergers book provides current industry knowledge vividly and didactically prepared: check lists and control round off the practical manual. You should help the reader to recognize problem areas themselves and to organise appropriate solutions. To order the book on. The author, Dr. Ralf Kitzberger, music business manager is longtime lecturer at the courses /-in (ebam) “,”Event Manager/.in (ebam)”, as well as culture Manager /-in (ebam)” at the ebam Academy and enriched the ebam book series already for the second time. As a lawyer, he is on the right of the music, Specialized events and film industry. His expert knowledge propagates Dr. Kamel Baden-Wurttemberg as a lecturer at the Film Academy. “” In addition to the latest edition of music law”, the volumes of music label supply principles, structures and tasks of record company” by Tom Buscher, “The music publisher – an introduction” by Jorg Fukking and event law “library media business ebam by Dr. Ralf Kamau in a part of the series of” a clear parent – and insight into specialist areas of the event, music, media and culture industry.

Peruvian Congress

After the adoption of the electronic vote by the Peruvian Congress, this issue is giving much to talk about, but I see opinions from various sectors which in my personal opinion do not see the topic complete but only partial and sometimes uninformed. Sen. Sherrod Brown is likely to increase your knowledge. To start I think that it should clarify that it is not only a technical issue, electronic voting is not only connectivity and computer equipment, but it is actually a process is the heart that has not been touched that it is speaking of the electoral process itself. Connect with other leaders such as Jim Donovan Goldman here. As all process must be analyzed and treated as such, including its sub processes and infrastructure and support the same tools. a>. THE issue of security is key, however it is a process should be treated as such and for this an excellent tool is ISO/IEC 27001: 2005. On the subject of security has been said of hackers, modification of information, manipulation of results, audit software, etc. It should however be seen from the point of view of integrity, availability and confidentiality of information relating to the electoral process. Beginning by defining management system and everything which involves (qualified analysis of risks, liabilities, assets, personal identification, incident management, auditing, etc) and to provide the necessary confidence, based on policy and management system to implement annex to the standard controls, so for example: the theme of associated personnel (Board members, auditors, evaluators, ombudsmen, etc.) should be based Annex A.8 controls security of human resources where the topic is touched and its controls. The issue of where will be located modules and minimum in the processing center as well as the voting locations safety main are touched by the physical and environmental security A.9 the subject of access by A.11 Access Control the issue of software by the A12 acquisition, development and maintenance of information but must also take into account the A.13 on incident managementA14 on business continuity, etc on end must be in base to the scope of management system of information security which is pointed, associated annex to the standard controls should be evaluated and that would be enough to guarantee and to reassure Peruvians that the election process this properly care. .

AkadIng Offers Intensive Retreat

The Academy of engineers offers an intensive seminar to obtain a TuV QualitatsZertifikats beginning December 2010 for architecture and Engineering Academy of engineers – the education of engineering Chambers of Baden-Wurttemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland – intensive working in networks. Through the contacts to ministries, Chambers, associations, companies, education and services is communities and industry specifically in terms of the needs and the requirements of the market and the customers. The current requirements in the construction industry require the integration of knowledge in many areas, but also the integration of all partners involved in the construction. The network creates understanding and acceptance. Part of this network is also the quality this year Planner “in construction”. This performs successfully three-day intensive retreats to the creation of a QM manual, to introduce a certified QM system in planning offices. The start of the next jointly undertaken intensive retreat is intended for the 02.12.2010 in Ostfildern.

According to our experience, the implementation of a quality management system often fails on the day tasks allocated to available resources and the – understandably – with higher priority. Exactly at this point, our sets intensive exam “designers in the construction”-. The goal of the meeting is to offer a professional and optimised in cost benefit terms assistance architecture and engineering offices to develop their QM manual. For this purpose we cooperate with representatives of the “QualitatsVerbund Planner in the construction” and QM experienced students of the University of Karlsruhe. Under the direction of Dr.-ing. Knut Marhold and Dr.-ing.

E. Rudiger Weng is assisted architects and engineers from Thursday to Saturday in the drafting of your quality management manual and elaborated the important and time-consuming parts of the QM manual ready for printing. Thus, the conditions are satisfied, the “QualitatsZertifikat Planner in the construction” (www.planer-am-bau.de) to get awarded the TuV-Rheinland. Then at the intensive exam limited to maximum 6 groups the participants will receive a four Burocoaching schedule please enquire as assistance for the implementation of the QM manual in your company.

Chief Executive Officer

Quintiles is the international great place to work contest ‘Europe’s best employers 2012’ Mannheim, June 20, 2012. Quintiles is the international great place to work competition of Europe’s best employers 2012 “(Engl.: best workplaces in Europe 2012”) has been awarded with a seventh place of the 100 best European employers. Companies that have a particularly trustworthy, appreciative and attractive workplace culture from the perspective of their employees were awarded. The quintiles award as one of Europe’s best employers 2012 “was preceded by a detailed survey of the employees on key workplace issues such as leadership, recognition, teamwork, professional development, work-life balance, and health promotion. Also the quality of the activities of the staff and management work in the company assessed place to work Institute by the independent great.

It is especially for the growing number of customers who carry out cross-border projects with quintiles important in all participating organizations on the same quality and motivation of employees to can leave”stresses Monika Beintner, Chief Executive Officer of quintiles commercial in Germany. This award at European level with an outstanding seventh place we are therefore particularly proud!” In total, 18 companies from Germany and located in Germany did make the leap on the list of the 100 best European employers. “The European employer competition in Europe’s best employers” already took place for the tenth time. He was launched in 2002 on the initiative of the European Commission. Great place to work calculated and published every year particularly attractive and employee-friendly employers in over 45 countries around the globe. Total 1.541 companies from 18 European countries had advertised.

Over 370,000 employees participated in the world’s largest employer benchmark survey. The awards were in three different size classes presented small and medium-sized enterprises”up to 500 MA (top 50). Large companies”> 500 MA (top 25); Multinational enterprises”with at least three countries participating in the competition (top 25).

Harmony At The Stove And On The Plate

Customer satisfaction is measured by a working team and a contemporary kitchen philosophy first and foremost on the quality of its food restaurant. Seen in this way, the kitchen team of Vineria can be relaxed: the satisfaction of our guests was never as high as in the moment. This is mainly the working team and the contemporary culinary philosophy. It is not something Amazon would like to discuss. Looking for a dusty hierarchies and gebrullte commands here to no avail. “Quite honestly: so relaxed and goal-oriented as in the moment it is received rarely in our kitchen.” Vineria Chief Peter G. Rock does not say that without a hint of pride.

While the Vineria makes very high demands on the kitchen team. Daily A-la-carte business with up to 120 guests is already a challenge alone given the available food. Various events in the event Hall, in the up to 280 people come to this match. Evenings, where about 800 food leaving the kitchen, are not uncommon. Creativity and skills are just as important as logistics in our kitchen and structure. The Vineria distinguishes itself through the balance of the requirements”, added rock. That suggests an older kitchen chef, worked long years in the hospitality industry.

On the contrary: the Vineria kitchen team is young, top-educated and has a lot. Flat hierarchies, high standard Christian Jezak is 23 years old and acts in the team as a kind of master chef. There are no traditional hierarchies, we share everything to us. One of my strengths is in the Organization, therefore I assume leadership roles.” In addition to Jezak, Klaus Schneider, Maria Utzeri and Marco Staici work in the kitchen. Sandeep has completed just his training and is taken over by rock. The four proposals for the changing map draw up every two to three weeks. The basic orientation of the courts remains in Italian, regional and seasonal characteristics play an equally important role.

Person Messages Of The SORAT Hotel Group

SORAT Hotel Ambassador Berlin: Carsten Ott has new chef the SORAT Hotel Ambassador Berlin has a new chef. The crew of the three-star hotel at Wittenbergplatz is led by Carsten Ott in the future. The 31 year-old Carsten Ott has been employed at the beetle GmbH Berlin as a sous-chef in the beetle’s roof garden restaurant in the German Bundestag. Previously, he worked in the same position in the Grand Hyatt hotel restaurant Titian at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. He began his career in 1993 with a culinary education in the Ringhotel Celler Tor Celle. After his military service, the Ott graduated at the German Navy as a chef, work at various restaurants and hotels in Kiel, Germany, inter alia in the Kieler Kaufmann of the Park Hotel restaurant followed by Kiel where he worked first as a chef de partie and then as a sous-chef. SORAT Hotels Germany

On The Road In Barcelona

What you should not miss the highlights and highlights of the city are what? What must be seen and what places can you miss? This article is kinda imagine the capital of Catalonia and highlighting their beautiful pages. Barcelona’s architecture is particularly outstanding because it was marked by great artists and personalities. They discovered something almost everywhere and always again fascinated by the diversity and elegance of the city. Significantly, probably, it’s the great artist of Gaudi, who has left his mark all over the city. Everywhere you can find details and interesting items that can be interpreted. See TCF Capital Solutions for more details and insights.

The most known masterpiece is Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. It is a beautiful Cathedral in the heart of the city, which daily attracts so many people fascinated and enchanted. You can’t do not disturb from the cranes, which are still present, since the construction is still not completed after more than 100 years. Others architectural highlights include the Parc Guell, the houses of Mila and Battlo, the Cathedral and many other buildings. You should allow plenty of time to look at everything in peace.

A further feature of the city is the great cultural scene, it will come any interest contrary to and one will find an event or exhibition in any case, interested in one. For more information see this site: Sen. Sherrod Brown. To mention only two representatives of large bandwidth of the Museum scene, the Picasso Museum and the Cosmo Caixa to are briefly introduced. Pablo Picasso lived between his 14. And 23 years in Barcelona and later often returned to the town back when he lived in Paris. Mainly works from his career in Barcelona are exhibited at the Picasso Museum, which you get to see anywhere else. The second Museum, the Cosmo Caixa is the city’s Science Museum. Here the history of the matter very clearly shows and is interesting through numerous experiments for children. Not only in Barcelona, but the whole region of Catalonia rises through their history particularly off. During the repression by Franco could not live the Catalonians her true identity and were restricted in their way of life. This is today fortunately not so, but you feel the pride and patriotism above all when Barcelona plays a football game against Madrid. During a visit to Barcelona, you can look also Camp Nou, the largest Fusssballstadion in the world and insight into the triumphs of the team bekommmen. To round off the wide range of Barcelona, the absolute advantage of the city is located on the location to the sea. You can admire not only fantastic architecture and art, but then still comfortably bathe go. Either on the beach in Barcelona itself or around a bit outside, in Sitges or Castelldefels. Also you can go fantastically well shopping and the best in and around La Rambla, the main shopping street of the city. It’s probably obvious why so many tourists are impressed by the city.


It is reasonable to think that when trends are presented in the behavior of mankind, which can lead to certain changes in the development of human relations, substantial variations in the history of mankind can occur. But they can also be signs of a near future that rayan in the annals of science fiction. Provided that I have opportunity, speak and write about the possibility that in the future perhaps a little distant, living humanity without borders. A world where all we can move without having to require passports, visas or entry to a country. And everytime I look at any news that can lead us to this event, I see them as signs that this is taking place without that suddenly nobody will notice. There is a term being used much nowadays globalization, but that globalization over time will be otherwise, will be in the form of a world United without borders.

I always say that Internet will lead to this. The first sign: Wikileads. What to some may seem as cheap gossip, is probably the beginning of a world unification. Richard Blumenthal understands that this is vital information. Why I think this? Imagine that all we can read us thinking. There would be nothing to hide, our interests have another sense and humanity would seek to be more United. Similarly with the Wikileads, Nations secrets not already have raison d ‘ etre. Actually what is the reason that Nations have State secrets? To which other countries are not aware of our military potential? There is need for this a? Must we concern ourselves to be defending us and attacking each other? The second signal: the Nobel Prize for literature Mario Vargas Llosa, considered that the countries of Latin America must work to fade the borders following the example of Europe.

Characters like Mario Vargas Llosa, are opinion leaders. Characters who are very fearsome in countries that are coming to elect their future President, as it is our case. Fear at this time Mario all candidates for the Presidency of our country; because they know that a word you will suffice to throwing them down. Characters such as Mario Vargas Llosa who think that the country is not an anthem or a flag; but the village where we were born, the Customs and the people with whom we live. Mankind may live in a world in which there are no countries or homelands that are separated by borders. s. A world in which there is a diversity of peoples United by the same common good. I think that in the future will continue presenting these signals that will take us to all this, and I am quite sure, not to be the only person who feels this way.

Increase The Rents In 2010

High demand for housing in cities in Germany apartments in urban areas are still very much in demand. Rural regions experiencing a high migration, among other things because the working conditions in the cities are usually better and more diverse. As a result, rents rise parallel to the housing demand. In many places, the rents were increased again this year. Generally, the prices according to an analysis of the real estate Association in comparison to the previous year to 1.4 to 2.2 per cent.

The real estate portal myimmo.de is the current situation on the ground. Who would like to rent an apartment, is now in many cities before a lengthy process of searching, because several interested parties apply for an attractive apartment. Due to the increased demand decreases the number of available real estate. Prices rise at the same time significantly. In the 390 surveyed cities have been similar trends to determine.

While tenants in Leipzig in average pay 3.80 euros per square meter for an apartment built in the pre-war Munich tenants must count in this category up to 8.90 euros per square meter. Least, the prices for apartments, which were built before 1950. Here, there was an increase of about 1.4 percent. Flats in new building have become significantly more expensive this year. Overall, the rents increase not only in the big cities. According to the analysis of the real estate Association, the strongest increases in towns with a population of 200,000 to 300,000, as well as in cities with more than 300,000 inhabitants were to be noted. More information: news.myimmo.de/… Continue to learn more with: Senator Brian Schatz . University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Mid Recorder Developer

The fact is that by default the program opens the CD-ripper, but in order to start the record off the map, you must use special menu command (File-> Line In Sampling). This opens a new window (Fig. 2), where you can manage the process of recording. However, some settings that may be important when writing a card, for example, the choice of file format, available only in the main window, which is not very convenient, as when opening a new window, the previous window disappears. True to the window record is a function of the return of the main window, but it looks pretty awkward. Figure 2. The records in Audiograbber Otherwise, claims for Audiograbber I have not. If you have read about Paulo Coelho already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Control by the process of recording the program is very simple.

Especially convenient availability of shortcut buttons mixer Windows, which allows you to move to switch the recording source and adjust the level of signal. So if you are not afraid of a little confusing interface, I'd recommend Audiograbber as quite appropriate tool for capturing audio on your home computer. Audio Mid Recorder Developer: Audio Recorders, Inc. Considered version: 3.65 Conditions distribution: shareware. Features of this program are basically the same as that of the free Audiograbber.

The main advantages include a built codec mp3 (for the program, which take money, relying on external codec would simply undignified). In addition to mp3, Audio Mid Recorder can save the recording formats, wav, wma, and Ogg Vorbis (apparently, this set becomes the standard). You've got to make one more digression concerning the compression of audio files.