The government of the people by the people, can not survive by having people without education and individual responsibility. Real democracy must be devoted to education. Other forms of gobierino make education a tool that puts individuals in government service, but democracy education for participation in government. But what should be the subject of education? A quotation from Samuel Johnson said: Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless. Knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful groiso.

Many times when education is analyzed as a purpose, as an end in itself, we must ask what the purpose of education, reason should lead us to where introspectively. Certainly it is to spur the conoicimiento and people skills in addition to the competition and understanding, but a good education should expand the good character and integrity. Anything without strength of character is dangerous, even education. The in-struction or education is no substitute for morality, and to educate and guide young people must add items moral, ethical and spiritual force there ca-racter and the proper balance in their lives.

Federal State

Second, the law imposes the distribution of property tax levied by the federal government are not met as evidenced above mind. So how do we talk about a federal state where the nation’s treasuries are distributed only in the provinces that are in alliance with the government and the rest is handled by some people? The truth is very difficult to answer that question, because for many writers, people, history, etc. The Federal State is not only based on this, and it is true, federalism is not only the distribution of goods, but I think I and many others is one of the key links in a Federal State. The Sadly history has accustomed us to such actions, where the people’s money remains in some pockets of a few people, but we must also have faith that at some point there will come a government that really think about the inside the country and form a real federalism. For me the solution of this problem and raised, begins first by each of the inhabitants of this land, especially the voters, who at the time of the election must know how to make a good decision and think about the common good and not in itself that will benefit everyone, I propose another solution is decentralization of power, and might not all be handled by a single province (Buenos Aires). So the final conclusion that I very disappointed and surprised at the same time the Federal State is said to have is a sham and we are very far from it, but at the same time I have faith that you can change and at some point reach to be a true federal state.

University Education Operation

To live is to choose. And we never know where the roads would have been discarded. Juan "What makes life a blessing not to do what we like, but we like what we do" Goethe. It is unfortunate as the National Government has been identified with socialism significantly neglected its relationship with national universities, especially public ones, thereby wasting a potential human capital that can provide great solutions, support, collaboration in many of their plans , because it is supposed to educate, train various professionals required for development of the country. where there is talent, ideas, proposals.

National universities can not continue operating under the restriction that has been done to their budgets, where he also owes a considerable amount of money for different reasons ranging from approvals, pensions, interest, significantly affecting its operation in payment of fair wages, especially their teachers, where these do not cover the cost characteristics of life that are currently facing. The absence of the government to properly manage the treasury budget for the successful operation of the universities in line with inflation, cost of living of this leaves a lot to say, as this affects one of the pillars that socialism never be neglected as Education is at all levels. For years, universities across all its unions have been protesting a right fair remuneration, attention to their needs, protests that have been channeled to the government formally by the various legal means and that unfortunately it has not considered seriously affecting efficiency, the achievements that the university should contribute towards the country.

The Financial Crisis And Its Impact In Latin

In times of crisis, only imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein was to be expected as he had already foreseen that sooner or later neo-liberalism was to suffer a fracture during their bases especially now when it has unleashed a serious financial crisis worldwide, causing many earthquakes hazards to the major stock exchanges the world. It is true what about Diego Olivera told us that the international financial crisis brought into question the validity of the neoliberal model, as promoted by the U.S. and many Latin American countries, the agreements of free trade agreements (FTAs) , which generated intense debate at the Summit of Mar del Plata. The objective causes of a capitalist model, which is based on monetary control and the concentration of energy resources and food production by major transnational generate inequality and poverty in most underdeveloped countries. The alert caused by the collapse of U.S. and European banks, gave a bell on fragility of the neoliberal model, the abrupt fall in U.S. stock exchanges and the World and worthy financial support of Bush and Europe to the predatory capitalists, with their loans unpayable debts generated worldwide.

Thousands of U.S. savers saw their hypothetical stability shook and the reduction of government spending on education and health. As all of this drastically affects the living standards in its "social model." Facts that demonstrate the permeability of the capitalist model, which justifies its essence in the market and the exploitation of resources and of humanity as a whole.

Crisis In The Streets

If that was not enough to make a daily record of our homes to school and work, and traffic is slowly growing, not in the same comparison in the City, but if you modify our schedule to we are used because of the many works that are underway in the city at this time. The center, which is one of the busiest parts of the city with all the work they do, is even more difficult to move through it. It is an injustice that in addition to raising the traffic, there is no way to handle the situation as they do in the United States or Spain. We need a better organization for citizen not living with high stress and is close to what happens in Mexico City in the abovementioned countries, like Spain, working night and this prevents the general discontent of the people to avoid suffering the consequences Traffic suffering which in itself is already difficult to bear. So moody walks people through the streets, so they go fast, so there are more accidents. All this has many repercussions on the attitudes of the Mexican. There is currently a difficult position of millions of Mexican economic issue, the traffic just goes bad mood which causes a further collapse in the minds of citizens. The government must think the citizens, for their welfare that ultimately impact on the benefit of the country.

It’s ridiculous to even borrow the parks for the citizens of Guadalajara. Everything is being ‘fixed’, even that space using Guadalajara to exercise, his family activities, etc. A clear example is the park on Sanctions Rafael, across England. Many examples can be mentioned about the unjust manner in which the government is making all these movements which eventually change the mood of the public. The Guadalajara simply may be waiting for their space back to normal.

The Challenge Of The Third Option

The challenge of the third option Teodulo Lopez Melendez The results of the primaries conducted by the two ends of this damaging phenomenon called polarization have shown the deterioration of the government, on the one hand, and the inability to overcome, on the other, the old practices own agreements party alliances. The call of the government showed a significant reduction in percentages of participants while the second involved only a small concession to the citizens who, incidentally, were launched hungry to show his immense desire to participate. The PSUV was shown in all its reality, that is, a party formed from the government for the support of a regime.

This story is repeated in this country, where we have seen throughout the ages as those in power to organize your pictures from militants and how, when the government that created them is gone, the party that is your child will sometimes exhale slowly, sometimes with surprising promptitude. The MUD, along the whole conformation of their agreements made in the light of all the old traditional parties procedures have been implemented throughout its history. We have stressed the difficulty to agree to so many people, when in fact it was agreed to so many acronyms. And we put the item “difficulty” to introduce ourselves as a milestone earned. Indeed the remarkable thing is how eager people, still limited to middle and upper classes are often launched to exploit the gap that was given to please that of participation. Both poles showed all its weaknesses and all its possibilities.

The Return To School In The Peruvian Highlands

In a few days thousands of students return to school. The Ministry of Education of Peru has approved the date of commencement of work for the upcoming March 13, 2006, the day on which the Puno Region plans to reopen the doors of more than four thousand among educational institutions, primary and secondary schools. Some state schools have already announced to start the dictation of the work, even from Monday, March 6, so that in recent days have seen huge queues of parents seeking to enroll their minor children where they feel the most appropriate institutions for education. Every year, the parents have killed crashing an indisputable reality. Education is not free as the government argues, however in March will be one of those months where more spending will have to do, because not only is the cost of the shares of the Apaf (Parents Association), but also the purchase of school supplies and even the same uniform.

Each parent will spend as at least 300 new soles to cover the cost of each school-age children, of course, if the estimate provides for “rebajitas” you can get to buy school supplies and uniform in the informal market. With regard to the circumstances that we have in the Puno region to start this school year, the regional director of education in our department, Professor Romulo Borda Asensio, said that this year will seek to have better conditions to start the school year in relation to previous processes. We are doing everything possible to coordinate with the Local Management Units (UGEL) on issues such as infrastructure, curriculum design and teacher recruitment, said the official.

Getting What You Need From Government

If no such measures enhance care is easier than many young people have special difficulties in the process of social inclusion, so the conflict will worsen further. The role of teacher will always be to encourage, support the transition process, socialize, contribute to the acquisition of autonomy., Without monitor, protect, provide, protect … He knows that “being” among young people help to “do” community. One could say the same if the recipients are another type of special individuals who go through difficulties. Get where they are require creativity, innovation, skills and techniques that facilitate this approach. Just as there and figure Educator’s streets at night, acting between the “inhabitants” of the metropolitan railways, it is necessary to adapt to new circumstances and overcome the idea that street educators limit its scope to the parish or the neighborhood. The educator may assume other roles, put on new characters and, without forgetting his role, connecting with those who will be prime objectives of their action.

Enter the “scene” in the spaces youth and young people is prepared to improvise and give a little dogmatism that repeats the same patterns that lead to failure. More and more institutions, governments and associations that have in their squads in the field of street social educators, which will no doubt gradually clarify their functions. It is difficult to combine criteria to outline concisely the complexity of tasks that can have this teacher, in view of the changing social reality which advises fast adaptations and accommodations required by the new network formed by the group practice.

Law, Competition and Rule

Therefore, analysts to officialdom was not difficult to note that the “enemy” weak spots offered also for the same reason, ruminations that the opposition was at risk of getting stuck. Moreover, the propulsion of the reference project gave the Government circumstantial allies, important sectors of society, some very unfairly, they were unable by law from the dictatorship of obtaining a broadcasting license. To these, so neglected and, with long years of struggle to gain access to rights curtailed, they can not appropriate any attempt to delay parliamentary treatment. Strategically, the government maximizes the joint.

For this purpose, it should be mentioned that to reverse the existence of monopolies or dominant market positions, the State is not required by law to introduce certain restrictions that complicate the drafting of the rule, for that there are specific antitrust laws, including Law Competition N 25 156, which is legislation (enacted on 08/25/1999), and therefore might have been applied in these cases, but that both Nestor and Cristina have overlooked. As submitted to Congress the draft ruling was flawed by errors, inaccuracies and even contradicts what the government proclaimed fight, this is the case for the empowerment of Telephone, to provide cable service (just to give a clear position dominant), which were expressly forbidden by the statement of privatization and that most of the projects presented in this area had restricted access. In this sense corresponds to say that over 200 amendments to the House of Representatives, even if not correct all the negative aspects or neutralized waivers of executive power, substantially improved the text of the standard. .

Lobbying Can Be an Influential Tool

It is also the ability to influence an actor with great power of decision. The companies provide objective information to the authorities that will support their decisions. This activity is widely used to influence Congress or parliaments of governments in the approval, issuance, repeal or amendment of laws. To achieve this it must develop a specific strategy to enable construction of prospective scenarios that may arise on the issue under discussion, which can be: One desirable, a catastrophic and one probable.

In each of them is to project the actions and reactions that generate positive and negative developments as given in each of the audiences. Lobbying can be simplified as follows: A process in which civil society is strengthened by promoting their active, organized and planned, to influence the public sphere, with full use of their human and constitutional rights. In other words, lobbying means being able to participate directly in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluating government programs or in driving laws or regulations. For example, lobbying in Congress to persuade the body to adopt specific legislation, make changes in a bill or repeal laws already on the codes, is a central part of the American form of government, but it is a process that often confuses foreign governments, say political scientists, journalists and lobbyists themselves. The president can say you want a particular policy becomes law, but that does not happen unless you agree a majority of each congressional chamber.