Social Politics

INTRODUCTION In lower court this article comes to propitiate a quarrel directed the multifaceted ones of the social service since its sprouting until the current days, its dynamics of intervention and its main events fortifies that it as profession in a society that suffers with the most severe actions of the capitalism, thus leaving, its form of acrtico thought and adopting a form of critical thought to intervine in the social problems from some historical moments as it was the movement of reconceituao and the intention of rupture, the attempt of return of the traditionalism with the conservadorismo and the definitive rupture of the Social Service with the traditional one. Inside the quarrels on the subject in debate it will be dealt with primordially to the social matter and the public politics directed to the population of the agricultural zone, has debated this that comes taking its space from the popular participation in the base works and territorial quarrels where if the politics of social assistance argues, economic, educational, ambient and cultural. However, the Social Service assumes a basic role in the society, that is to keep a relation with the politicosocial conjunctures in accordance with the marxist source that is placed as support for the Social recital and the consolidation of the professional intervention with position politics from the rupture with the traditional Service, being this finishes based in the conservadoristas sources. SOCIAL MATTER AND the PUBLIC POLITICS IN the AGRICULTURAL ZONE the socioeconmico development of Brazil comes if giving in one it forms highly concentrative of income that excludes from the benefits and the public politics part of the significant population, raising the social inaqualities and affirming each time more the division of the society in classrooms in accordance with the model of capitalist production. Therefore, it is pertinent to affirm that, who suffers more with the centralizadoras actions from the State is the population of the agricultural zone. .