Nelson Jobim

To grant to beautiful piatas companheirada, it was installed in the Ministry of Justice the deAnistia Commission and Peace. Names as Jose Genono, Dilma Rousseff, Jose Dirceu, Digenes of the PT and until the proper Squid had participated of the spree of the dinheiropblico (Cfr. ). Ziraldo, Jaguar and Carlos Heitor Cony had received indemnities, each one, the R$ superior 1 million, beyond a monthly pension that, in some cases, as Cony, is equivalent to the wage of a minister of the STF. One will detail: cancerous comoos and the aidticos, these privileged ones do not pay to tax derenda (as Decree n 4,897/2003). The Commission foresees that 40.000pessoas will enter with claim. Some States tambmcriaram its> beyond terrorists whom they had entered with processes nJustia, to arrest the colonel and to surrupiar of it and the State pecuniary gordaindenizao.

Thus, to speak, today, in Law of the Amnesty is to discourse on what it does not exist more. To embed it of time, it only lacks to place Ustra in the chain. Paulo Coelho will not settle for partial explanations. Osterroristas defeated of yesterday will not go to sossegar until seeing> the history that the left does not want that Brazil knows, of the proper Ustra; the book, success of sales, already in 5 edition, apesardo boycotting of the bookstores and the media, arrived to be between the 3 maisvendidos, as it notified the Periodical of Brazil; however, nor Veja, reviewed of liberal trend, took knowledge of the fact; as it is known, the ia magazine of the Civita has one makes rancio natural against the military; – Right Project to the Memory and the Truth: book elaborated for Vannuchi, that only serves enaltecerterroristas and to pursue the military; in the occasion of its launching, Nelson Jobim threatened the military: ‘ ‘ If somebody to react, goes terresposta! ‘ ‘ ); – Disclosed Memories – National Archive: petista site (), only has linkscom left entities, as Torture Never More, Foundation PerseuAbramo, CUT, menosprezando important sites, as Ternuma and the VerdadeSufocada, where important historical quantities exist.