The Turnover

Note: In the calculation we take only those dates on which product you had in stock. If in 30 days, two of them are good nebylo you, N equals 28. Accordingly, the lower part of the formula is (28 – 1). For the calculations in Excel, you can use the formula = AVERAGE (IF (diapazon_yacheek <> 0; diapazon_yacheek)) – Enter through the formula CTRL + SHIFT + Enter. Amazon spoke with conviction. What do you have after receiving a number of turnover? In fact, there is nothing. Turnover often need to be considered in the dynamics, because there is no clear “rules.” For each company, it has its own and depends on many factors.

In particular Your turnover rate will depend on the frequency of deliveries of goods from suppliers credit terms, in the end, the role of product in your range. Several conclusions can be made after this Analysis: – If the turnover in days is too large, say 30, it’s freezing your assets. If too small, for example 2, there is great risk that you will have a deficit. – Examining the turnover in days in dynamics, allows us to draw conclusions on how the situation with our inventory. – Another thing that you should pay attention.

If the turnover is for example 20 days, and trade credit from your supplier for two weeks (14 days), this suggests that either is to stimulate sales, reduce inventory or goods, because in fact, failing to sell a product that you brought, you already have to be returned to him money. The situation is not very pleasant. That’s figured out what a turnaround. As it turned out, the company I need not enter the turnaround, but rather the rate of sales.