American Administration

Now these leaders want the United States as never before. As for the actual U.S. and in the interests of the whole world. Too difficult period in its development is going through our civilization. But back to the results of a five-day war.

The most important of these outcomes: the main goal, which set itself the American administration in the preparation of this adventure, were not achieved. The provocation failed miserably. The objectives of these were quite clear: to solve the problem of South Ossetia and Abkhazia by military means, and clear, so the path for Georgia's accession to NATO. To drag Georgia into NATO in any way – the goal set itself to the current American administration. The reasons are clear. Due to its geopolitical location, Georgia – access to Caspian oil and potential military base near the northern borders of Iran. Some used to be called and the fascist regime of Saakashvili. In During the five-day war it became obvious to most.

Are the same as the solutions to the "national question" and the methods used in their implementation. One of the leaders of Nazi Germany used to say that the monstrous lie, the easier it is to get into it to believe it. Saakashvili was a worthy pupil of his ideological mentors. Such a monstrous and shameless lies from the mouth of the first person of European state world, in my opinion, have not yet heard. When he ordered the Georgian army razed Tskhinvali, he said, without batting an eye, all the western channels shouted that it was the Russian army invaded the small, but proud, Georgia, and that is the Russian army bombed and shelling the South Ossetian capital.