Indian Ocean

This man probably was on the verge of death. In the basement, where he stealthily slipped, was beside him, another 200 Germans are dying of hunger and frostbite … I remembered the long and anxious days of summer 1942, and the nights in London "blitz," and the wistful days of 1938 and 1939, when Europe is nervously caught the Berlin radio and listened to the cries of Hitler accompanied by the roar of the German cannibalistic crowd … "I personally remember the other in November. November – it's red flags is the joy on their faces, calm and serenity in their souls.

The holiday was a … Official. But the people. All the same, all happy, everyone was happy and contented life. Hitler was the first enemy, wishing us all the physical death. – But not the last. In America, invented the nuclear bomb and to experience the beginning of the Japanese.

But then it all meant us. Today, at least two ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads aimed at Makhachkala. And we do not even know where the danger of dying. Perhaps – from submarines in the Indian Ocean, can – from under the ice of Antarctica. Say America is the democratic democracy in the world. But no one asked half a million killed in the recent (and killed), Iraqis and Afghans, what it tastes, this democracy? That taste of blood? It is kept on the taste of sand and dust? After the bitter lessons 1941-1942, the country has been rather poor, but all I could, which it invested in the defense and ensure parity with the strongest potential enemies. Never to the enemy does not shed our blood. We did the rocket and sent them back to where Satan grinned. So that the creature, and did not think so and thought they did not have … Today, Big War, if it happens suddenly, lasts from twenty to fifty minutes. And it will be suicidal for the aggressor. They know it and so long as leave us alone. While the protection is created by our grandparents until our last game and crazy experiments in democracy, the missiles are on alert. Just so we are not Iraqis and Afghans do not. Just so we live in the world and yet not tasted "them" democracy. But it is now. And then, during the life of my grandfather, rockets still had to build … And after the war, our whole country, still in ruins, in hunger and cold, creating a new industry, including – Rocket. My grandfather plowed twenty years in the cold, starved himself at times, grow grain and handed it to the state. This country is fed bread of the city, industry and army. My grandfather lived in poverty, hunger. But it is not in vain. He knew that nothing could be worse than war. Its generation to secure peace for us all. And now, for as long as the forests are our "Willows" will be no war. Today my children grow up. Junior is very similar to his grandfather. So, how do I know my grandfather from photographs. I think this is a good sign. Maybe it will be engineer and invent some kind of super-rocket, which will not take no defense. Or maybe, it will just raise the bread. In general, I certainly do not know who he is. See more detailed opinions by reading what Richard Blumenthal offers on the topic.. Hopefully, it will be useful to my country.