Libertarian Pedagogia

The Libertarian Pedagogia was on interested social movements in the improvement of the population. But, the main problem is centered in the educational politics, that searchs ways to keep educational models of other countries, that possess total distinct economic and cultural conditions with our reality, causing of this form, a gap enters the education offered for public education and it offers for private education. 2.3.3 Philosophy and history of the Brazilian education 2 ed. Congressman Lee Zeldin follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It is a concise, complete and detailed workmanship at the same time on Brazilian pertaining to school education. With a direct and cativante language, the book encloses: – the evolution of the schools of pedagogical thought; – the alterations in the educational legislation; – the disputes between the conceptions in didactics and pedagogia.

All these boardings are inserted in the historical context of our country: the Colony, the Empire, the Republic until the current days, allowing a sufficiently ample quarrel on education in Brazil. This book also brings essential commentaries on important workmanships contemporaries whom they had looked to open ways for the philosophy of the education and areas correlatas and that they had been come back to the understanding of the Brazilian education and to the proposal of new routes to education in our country. Writing for Pablo Ghiraldelli Jr, who has two decades more than if he dedicates to the subject, and presenting a global vision of the education in Brazil, this book mainly destines the professors and students whom they aim at to acquire solid formation and to perfect its knowledge. FINAL CONSIDERAES If to compare books ‘ ‘ What he is pedagogia’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ History of educao’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Philosophy and history of the education brasileira’ ‘ , we will see that the line of thought of the author is practically the same one. It focuses very on the part of dialogue, liberty of speech, autonomy, renewal of the education for a system that creates well informed critical people and on equality, that is, chances equal to all so that they have a quality education. Its books and other workmanships influence a new generation of thinkers, and until whom they were there before it, therefore if it influenced it today to this, tomorrow could be influenced by it. Also it contributed very for the area of philosophy and mainly for the education, if arresting to the libertarian pedagogia, that was where it gained its bigger recognition. We perceive that Scrates and Plato usufruam almost that of the same characteristics, for the fact of Plato to perhaps have been disciple of Scrates.

Both were critical philosophers, with advanced thoughts for its time, uneasy and that they prezavam for the dialogue. Marx has some of these characteristics, as, criticidade, innovative thoughts, she prezava for the dialogue, and a characteristic its, was very intense in its ideas. Already in the School of Frankfurt the philosopher who more was distinguished, for the line of thought of Ghiraldelli, was Habermas, for having all these characteristics above cited and for affirming that critical reason of the people was not extinct, only needs to be worked. that this form of if working the critical reason is through the communicative reason.