A report on the CAT 'Lars' on Security Council was to make foreign minister Vashadze. The meeting was attended by representatives of the government was expected, parliamentary opposition, as well as leaders of some non-parliamentary opposition parties. What a reach as a result of the Georgian authorities in the matter of the Upper Lars, soon to be known. But just a remarkable fact. However, there are other background things that cause or doubts or concerns.

The question is: Why Georgia urgently needed to "overtrain" a riot – that American, British, Israeli military experts so badly worked hard anything they have not learned to Georgian special forces? And now in Tbilisi hopes on the Turkish Special Forces help? Thus, according to an unnamed source in the Russian intelligence services, Tbilisi appealed to Ankara to assist in formation of special operations forces. But reports about the Georgian media 'Georgia Today'! We are talking about forming a battalion of rangers, who should be the basis for the planned establishment of a Georgian special operations forces for action in the foothills and mountainous areas. Estimated number of battalions of more than 500 people, and the total number of special operations forces – more than a thousand. The source also said that Georgia is working to improve antiaircraft and antitank defense, as well as highly mobile, equipped with modern forces capable during special operations effectively in the mountains. Moreover, the source confirmed that the Georgia's defense is going to increase in number and at the expense of imports from the U.S.