President Rafael Caldera

APPLICATION OF LAW AMENDMENT is a euphemism that is repeated tomorrow to become President Chavez spoke defeated then present a new constitution. How long we will be in this game? What they really want? LIFETIME DEMOCRACY "? Or we will all be immoral democracy requires a free game and not attempt to do so CHAVEZ, practically force. Popular participation is being sought through mechanisms devised in a situational room, the style of Nazi Germany. If before it was immoral, it is now, only now it would all be benefited. HUGO CHAVEZ, no one can underestimate, knowing he has lost not only encourage a sense peculiar to each political player: the love of power. This feature aims to almost all our leaders and is often disguised with false modesty or humility positions. The best example we had in the former President Rafael Caldera. Whoever MP, Councillor, Mayor or Governor fundamentally, nothing else prefers to stay in power.

Very few cases of voluntary transfer of power. Usually this desire is fueled by economic interests that revolve around all government. We have many examples in our country's leaders have often been Deputy Mayor and Governor. Chavez with this decision aims not add them to his side but neutralize them. MARGARITA RODRIGUEZ MOREL at heart really is NO. Just SALAS FEO. This new strategy strengthens the old model Chavez leaders who even made much damage in the United States. a The country is divided into parcels. To succeed, democracy will be dead not because they are denied the right to vote and express to the citizens, but because de facto the alternation disappears and born a new concept that will make the famous Greek philosophers to wander out in pain: LIFETIME DEMOCRACY .