Understanding the Judicial System

Also let me say that not all cults are a blight. No doubt there will be some who are, but others perform their duties with honesty and help many people. For this reason proliferate worldwide. This called off the questioning. Cleve embraced Kelly's shoulders when they withdrew from the police station. Both were asked to look if you have believed. Not uttered a word.

They could not know, maybe they did not know ever since you never mention them again but after this interview. They both waited for a while to hear from them. But never had. They wondered what would have happened daily. There were no items left over in the newspapers about the incident, after they read that first day .. That's was totally intrigued, but had no way to find out anything. They wondered how they could determine whether or not they would have opened a file against Alex. And if in case you had open, if they would have closed or pending any judicial decision.

They had no one to turn to find out their concerns. They had to accept things as they were and trust that everything was in order. What I do know was that if the name of Alex was on search and seizure, to enter the country would stop and that is why he should not return. That was all they knew what they needed. At some point raised to consult an attorney. They knew that the silence of it as a professional was inviolable, but were afraid that when he went to investigate, to have a file open and had been shelved for lack of new evidence, which they considered as the most likely because they assumed that there would be a considerable number open them at any police station, again to reactivate the case.