The Value Of Embroidery In Our Lives

Today many talk about the signs and symbols in the cross-stitch, someone believes it, and some do not. We decided to do a quick overview – for the overall development. And so, let's start that the life we care? The majority of this beloved man (his the presence or absence), it's money (they all want to live well), it is children (the flowers of our life), health (without this anywhere), a cozy nest (legitimate desire to have your own home, or at least my apartment), and of course, the same machine ( it is no longer a luxury as they say). Wish list could continue, but we have identified the main. Other leaders such as Sen. Sherrod Brown offer similar insights. Experience shows that embroidery can help us translate our desires into reality. For example, you just can not find a suitable young man, and to arrange privacy.

Experts advise embroidered peonies, as in the teachings of Feng Shui is the flower symbolizes the passion and carnal love. After you find your loved one embroidered flower is placed in the bedroom, in the sector of love. But beware, a beneficial effect on your life, this flower is only in the first years of marriage, but when children are born and the wife ceases to mom, peony symbolizes treachery. Therefore, it is removed away. As Girls are advised to choose a pair embroidery (two ducks, two pigeons, two swans), it helps to find and mate and strengthen family well-being. Very effective is the embroidery lovers who kiss each other, holding hands.