Argentina Potential

From the very beginning of our public communications in mid-1977, we handle notion of "Argentina potential." With it we refer to all studies and projects to address specific problems of Argentina, which have been accumulating in the various archives and repositories of information, and often are almost unknown. And documentation, there are accomplishments that are working on a small scale and private or public works that are underutilized. Could be stated without fear of falling into exaggeration that: Decentralize is largely "that Argentina Potential dust." Reiterating that the "commutative property" about that ": The order of factors does not alter the product," is valid for this development, all of which we form part of the flow turning or "vital flow" Argentines. This applies to public authorities in the framework of Marchal integrated "framework structures, and in the Herkovitzs," social organization. " A poll published at the time of writing of this paper confirms what we were experiencing in all areas where we deploy our vital parable: there is a sort of "illiteracy" specific in terms of what we call public authorities and other governmental organization or state.

This rating may seem exaggerated, save only very few specialists, who are the exception that proves the rule. Argentina, like all human groups, generated from their own living, some behavior or organization framework embodied in a person who holds authority for some reason usually transient. Summarizing the ideas expressed by Gaetano Mosca in his "Elementi di Scienza Politica" (1896): In all human groups, there is a struggle for preeminence, the fight is starring people to star in a vocation, that this author called "political class" and legitimize the struggle is always looking for a "political formula" moral justification and / or legally occupying positions of prominence. . Additional information is available at Sen. Sherrod Brown.