On the following day, the action already had begun. The cavalry of Anbal prevented the water supply across, attacking the troops of the river. This forced the Romans to face to enter into combat, as Anbal wished. In a sunny morning, by far wind and to borders of the river, the greatest battle of history was on the verge of beginning. Third was On guard next to quites Roman in the right wing. He was nervous.

First experience in combat was his and it faced the worse nightmare of the Romans. To broaden your perception, visit Congressman Lee Zeldin. Their feelings mixed the fear before Anbal, the previous anxiety of the battle and the confidence supported by ninety thousand Roman souls. While Third, in the middle of the rows, one lost in his thoughts and questionings on the war and the will of the man to reach the power and the glory, suddenly something drew attention to him. -They kill the one-eyed! they kill the one-eyed! – they shouted -What? One-eyed what? – Third watching worried Said around his. The rider who was alongside who noticed itself of the reaction of Third and tried to explain to him – You do not worry, the one-eyed is not here, it is there said quite that it was to its side it was aware of the reaction of Third and tried to explain to him.

The rider indicated towards the enemy army, indeed in center. At a Third moment he included/understood that one-eyed was Anbal, the great objective, the masterful mind of the enemy force. . After raising the glance, he noticed that the Roman army had grown enormously since it took his position next to the cavalry. Now he was present at a sea of Romans to his left, with thousand of lances and exhibited helmets. It was the great army but of history and its powerful presence almost stirring era.