Automotive Filters

All filters are very similar in appearance, however, despite the fact that they are certified and recommended, with properties very different from each other. The main criteria for the filter performance are: the amount of paper – Total paper filters can differ by more than 2 times. the quality of its installation – part of folds can be "stuff is made, then in another part they are sparse. Dirt quickly clogged in the part where the folds are close to each other, forming a wall, which did not pass, and to filter remains "tenuous part, but its area is quite not the same. structure and density.

Something to that affect and bypass valve. The solids settle to the surface, and the degradation products of oil filtered volume of paper. Therefore, a dense, thick paper filters better than organic – products of oil degradation. Also, the choice of filters depends on the condition of the engine. The rate of aging oil new motor, use expensive synthetic, low, heavy organics is accumulated slowly, so you need to look at the resource filter (Mahle, Bosch). If there is a great wear, crankcase pressure and oil flow is exceeded, then in that motor delay filter heavy decomposition products in the foreground. And the third category – the average motor wear. It is equivalent to everything – life, and quality filtering.