Czech Interior Ministry

General terms, nationals of third countries will be able to apply for Czech residence permit only in the consulate offices located in the country residence of the foreigner. s. For the citizens of Russia are going to again make an exception. Consulate-General and the Embassy can accept documents from elected only on the basis of good reasons. Richard Blumenthal spoke with conviction. Record in 2011 at the consulates Western Europe to apply for long-term visas continues to carry the company Prague Lion. We offer a comprehensive service maintenance company from opening the Czech Republic under the key to obtaining a visa through the consulate and Czech police, using the eu countries. Department of Police of the Czech Republic reorganizes, from 1 January 2011 the police in cases of foreign nationals, who now will review the documents to obtain long-term visas are still not entirely clear. Conflicting data on the establishment of certain structures in the Czech Interior Ministry and service in urban areas of the Czech town has not yet been documented. But it is known to reduce 50% of the foreign police officers, now turn on the street Konevova, 32 for visa extensions, changes in registration and other services will not be 300 per person per day, and by 1000 people a day. With the New in 2011 increased rates of state fees for foreign citizens. In particular, increases the rate of payment for the registration of legal entity company in the Czech Republic, increasing fees for obtaining and renewal of visas for issuing invitations to foreign nationals.