When in those days did show him the currency you paid taxes, offered him a penny and had a figure and was inscribed "Caesar." Thus, the alleged cheating that had been lying, he knew to get out without much difficulty and I am so well known that phrase: "Give to Caesar what is Caesar …". Now, when self-assess the taxes and no coin bearing the inscription of Caesar, or even an inscription that says who he is, nor the papers (banknotes) and coins in circulation has a gold convertible … Even in some cases they are just numbers that represent the total receipts that could have on their hands and they look like decrease with the rest and still, when it comes to paying taxes and deductions that have been made over the years were lower than what supposedly played pay. Perhaps this is why one of the reasons that our dear politicians find it necessary that everything is "relative" and that everything can be "dialogue" is to defend his position in power, not to serve, but to send … And so, you can enjoy its wealth in tangible personal level increases as you remain in your command chair.

Perhaps this is why it is necessary that everything is "relative" because otherwise the policy shift could not resolve the contradictions that will be faced with the individual conscience of the members who form a society which supposedly seeks to lead. For example: – A pacifist may be financing the cost of a war not in self-defense. – One who loves life may be financing the killing of unborn children and sick people. – A worker may be financing the pleasures of vague. – An environmentalist may be financing the wanton destruction of natural environments. – A Democrat may be funding groups that seek the destruction of the democratic system. So, when it is a bit of conscience, and he has had to live in a society where reigns the "relative", and these approaches "relative" has resulted in the financing of concepts indispensable to their conscience, would have to bear in mind that "Finance is not Caesar.".