Geopolitics Of The Natural Disasters

POLICIES OF URBAN PLANNING AGAINST THE SEISMIC RISKS IN BOGOTA, CAPITAL DISTRICT. Jose Luis Chain Montenegro Ph.D PREVIOUS NOTE At the end of August of 2007 a crazy person, unemployed person, or telephone terrorist, caused panic in Bogota when predicting that to four of afternoon of day 30 an earthquake of great proportions would happen. The lack of knowledge in this aspect and the culture of the gadget, paralyzed several public organizations and private and some people reached to entrust themselves to the all powerful one. In the heat of 21st century are ilusos that think that the seismic movements can be predicted, which is absolutely false. What if can be diminished or be annulled, they are the effects of a natural event. Therefore, after his publication in a scientific magazine in the year 2000, the author decided to again publish this article that explains of real and simple way, the situation of Bogota against the seismic risks. It is possible that after seven years of presented/displayed this investigation, the things have changed, improved or gotten worse in Bogota; of that they must give to reason the authorities responsible for the subject.

SUMMARY In order to receive his rank of Magster in Socioeconomic Planning of the Faculty of Sociology in the University Santo Toms from Bogota, the author presented/displayed at the end of year 1999 this investigation with the title Political of Urban Planning against the Seismic Risks in Santaf of Bogota D.C. The present article is a synthesis of this work in which a series of data related to the seismic risks is exposed and systematized to which it is exhibited the city. After studying the existing urban planning, of zonificar the zones of risk and of evaluating the existing safety measures and the plans in the matter of prevention and attention of disasters, it drills the existing policies and the activities and applicable strategies in the case of a possible earthquake in the city.