Managing Director

Just at the end of summer brings the Seevetaler awnings manufacturer Eclusiv home a new Kassettenmakise on the market Seevetal, 23.08.2010 which current summer 2010 seems to lie in its death throes still inspires Seevetaler awnings and awning manufacturer exclusive home exactly just once again with a new Sun product: the cassette awnings with electric Volant EH7100! What makes exactly just this new cassette awning with electric valance and why it is a quite special awning, explain because also like exclusive home, Michael Braun, Managing Director. The special thing about our new cassette awnings with electric valance is precisely this valance, which ultimately only a kind of curtain, more precisely, is an awning curtain at the end of the awning. Exactly this valance track but a clever mind and purpose, namely Sun protection for the low evening sun as these currently but every day in the summer. This valance is really something special but especially so, because the awning curtain separated from the actual solar sail can be controlled”. Will Cain shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Actually”, Michael Braun explains the issue in the room: our new cassette awning has included electric Flounce about two electric engines equal the actual awning motor and the second additional valance motor. Thanks to this valance engine is the valance so the awning curtain, specially to control, say, or it einfahrbar. Thus, the valance can and that is the real highlight of our new cassette awning including electric valance are separately controlled by the awning. If dinner the Sun particularly deep and dazzles with its sun rays, can the valance are specially extended to and thus offers the desired additional sunscreen, which you would no longer reach the actual awning.”We also offer our latest achievement with many of our well-known technical highlights”, Michael Braun continues: in addition to the two people instead of just an electric motor where we in terms of drive technology once put more on our proven partner Brown has our new cassette awning including electric Flounce, for example, through integrated LED lights as also the familiar remote control via radio.