Martin Gaite

To reinforce its claim, then composed a slight gesture of coquetry, half way between pure sensuality and the deliberate irony. a “And while she has done well with writing. To read more click here: Amazon. The girl a “Torrente said then, referring to the novelist there presenter “is best has narrated the miserable life of this city in our long post-war civil, uncivil, rather. Instead of pen, it seems that the girl had used the scalpel with the precision of a surgeon. a “AMay going, man! What happens is that the Levitical city is written by herself, without the need to transcribe a reporter what a ” replied the other.” One need only stand in front of it and watch in amazement and she herself is stripped of their petticoats of hypocrisy, showing the back of the plot, I’d say Graham Greene. a “So much you dislike the city? a “I was amazed. a “not about that, man a ” I quickly corrected the writer ferryboat “. Criticism because we love.

Buffet their faults because we would turn them into virtues. Denounce its shortcomings because they prefer to be exceeded with an attitude of exuberance. We long for a bit that enjoyed by ancient Greeks in the auditions of the Odeon: great dramas, full of passions and excesses at the height of the greatness of this great stage. Here, however, these beautiful old cobbled, and sees demand spectacular tragedies, overwhelming feelings … and only occur, however, suppressed emotions, gestures casually, gossip stay … The long sentence full of epithets had left something fatigued chained its author, so Martin Gaite de Torrente took over, as if it were his own firm and a strange complicity could only experience the deceased: a “Look, if not, what happens to Unamuno.